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5 Mattress Innovative Ideas to Help Us Get Better Sleep

5 Mattress Innovative Ideas to Help Us Get Better Sleep

Sleep is very essential for our physical and mental well-being. It is imperative that we get sufficient good quality sleep to live a comfortable, robust, and productive life. One of the leading factors for getting good quality sleep is the perfect sleep environment that has the right mattress. A right mattress goes a long way in making you sleep comfortably, avoiding the creation of pressure points that can result in body pain when you wake up. With the advancement in technology, the mattresses and how we purchase them has improved immensely. Mattress manufacturers and brands like Nectar, Nest Bedding, or Saatva are coming up with new innovative ideas to help clients get better sleep. You can click here to learn about the popular mattress brands available on the market.

A right mattress with advanced technologies helps in avoiding fragmented and restless sleep that is crucial for being productive and relaxed during the following day. In this post, we’ll show you 5 innovative ideas in mattress technology to help us get better sleep.

#1. Compressing and Roll-Packing Innerspring Beds

Major advances in mattress technology have allowed mattress manufacturers to come up with the innovative idea of selling “Bed-in-a-Box”. Mattresses made of memory foam or good quality latex are no longer a luxury item that only the rich could afford. You can select a mattress of your choice depending on your needs and mattress companies will ship them to you in compressed and well-enclosed boxes. Advanced roll packing machines have made it possible to create these “Bed-in-a-Box” by being able to compress all-foam mattresses and advanced hybrid beds into a well-enclosed box. The process also seems to increase the integrity of the mattress and provide better breathability after it expands by popping its cell structure.

#2. Latex Alternative Foams

Natural latex derived from the sap of rubber trees is known as the best material for making luxury mattresses, it is hypoallergenic and hyper-responsive but it is very expensive. Only the rich could afford such luxury mattresses and mattress manufacturers started making latex foam beds by blending synthetic and natural latex to lower the cost so that more people can afford it. But, with the advent of the latest innovation in foam technology, latex alternative foams took shape that can offer all the responsiveness of natural latex and contouring of memory foam.

#3. Individually Pocketed Spring Technology

Earlier we used to buy innerspring mattresses made with steel coils and tied together by steel wiring. These mattresses provided minimal support for motion transfer that is very crucial when you are sleeping with your partner. Movement by one partner must not disturb the sleep of the other one.  Individually pocketed spring technology has been a blessing for creating mattresses that provide support for motion transfer by creating individual coils and encasing each one in fabric.

#4. Cooling Phase Change Surface Infusions

It is a known fact that one of the factors that may have an impact on the quality of your quality sleep is that you should be able to sleep coolly and not get sweaty while you are asleep. Latest and much advanced cooling technology that uses cooling phase change surface infusions can now help to reduce temperature while you are asleep. Various types of gels are used to make these infusions. These gels remain in a semi-fluid state till your body temperature is right for sleeping and change to a cooling liquid as a reaction to an increase in your body temperature and helps in maintaining the optimal temperature that is just perfect to help you to sleep comfortably. As per some mattress experts, these mattresses seem to be better than the breathable mattresses that use air regulation technology for cooling.

#5. Smart Bed

By incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), the mattress industry can manufacture smart mattresses. These smart beds use sleep sensors embedded in a sheet that is tied to the fabric of the mattress. These smart mattresses can measure your breathing intervals, heart rate, and number of hours you slept, etc. These smart mattresses can react to increase and decrease in your body temperature and automatically make the changes to keep you cool so that you can sleep better. If you don’t like to wear the activity tracker or smartwatch while you are asleep then a smart bed is the one for you.

Smart mattresses can also allow you to transfer data to a connected smartphone by using associated mobile apps or even to other medical gadgets that can monitor your sleep parameters.

These smart beds also come with air chambers and pressure sensors that automatically adjust to your sleep position, taking care of motion transfer as well.


Researchers in the competitive mattress industry is making every effort to come with the best mattress that makes our sleep better. These mattress innovative ideas certainly are good for your sleep health. A right mattress with the latest technology certainly enhances your sleep experience that bodes well for your mental and physical well-being.


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