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It’s All Fun And Games: Slotv Celebrates Its Fourth Birthday

It’s All Fun And Games: Slotv Celebrates Its Fourth Birthday

It’s All Fun And Games

A birthday is the best day ever, in our humble opinion.

Flowers, presents, congratulations, delicious cake and birthday party with friends and family – this is the formula for a perfect celebration.

Unfortunately, it lasts only 24 hours, and we can do nothing about it.

However, people from SlotV Casino have changed some rules, and now the party dedicated to their birthday lasts during the whole of April, and this is not a joke!

So, let’s look at what these guys have prepared for their players, but, at first, let’s find out more about our hero of the occasion.

SlotV – a spaceship among online casinos

Yes, you get it right! SlotV is something more than just a typical online platform with slots.

It’s a headquarter for people who every day seek some new experiences and adventures.

Here you become a member of a space crew that discovers uncharted territories of our planet and beyond it.

It’s a pretty rare thing when an online casino makes something outside its original purpose. We should say that it works well because if you don’t want to play, you still have many activities to spend some time with.

Firstly, you can read a blog that is designed as notes of a space captain. It’s well-written and can steal your attention for a few evenings straight.

Secondly, you can join SlotV social media and just sink in its various content with some pieces of advice, jokes, pre-releases, and fantastic giveaways (we are going to tell you about one soon, so, please, don’t stop reading).

However, everyone visits SlotV, first of all, to play online slots, and the platform has a lot of these types of games for hours of playing.

It is also worth mentioning that SlotV provides a casino bonus for novice players and constantly gives its subscribers promo codes in their social media accounts.

If you don’t want to spend money on online slot machines, you can always use the “demo” mode that gives you a chance to check the game without making a deposit.

A new outfit for the special occasion

Recently the casino has made a redesign, and, in our opinion, now it looks more classy.

Four years is a serious age for an online casino, and with its new look, SlotV shows its maturity.

It starts its way in the industry with bright colors and cartoonish characters as mascots, but the project’s designers reimagined the casino’s appearance.

Now it’s a great example of simplicity and style that is definitely making SlotV better for the players. Especially in the issue of website friendliness to users.

The guys from SlotV have come to these massive changes (believe us, they are huge) for a year and are truly happy with the final results.

However, this is only the beginning of the series of changes, and soon SlotV will take the next step. We are waiting for it!

Birthday activities

We didn’t lie telling that people from SlotV have prepared a whole bunch of surprises for its followers for the whole of April.

At first, it worth mentioning all the events that are planned for this month.

There are three small tournaments with a prize pool of 5.000 euros each: Push to get Lucky, Lucky Gaming, and Space Celebration.

Three lotteries with the same prize pool of 5.000 euros each: Star wish-list, Space presents, and Birthday Party.

Then there are two big network tournaments – Spring Fling with the prize pool of 100.000 euros and April Special with the prize pool of 60.000 euros.

However, this month’s leading event for SlotV is the giveaway in their social networks with the opportunity to win one of the three fantastic gadgets: PlayStation 5, Nikon Z5, and electric scooter OIO RT4 PRO.

The rules are pretty simple – you have to subscribe to SlotV on Instagram and make a story with the casino’s mask “Adventure Roulette” with some hashtags. That’s it.

All the details are in the post.

A party month

If you don’t have many occasions to celebrate in April, well…now you have a huge one.

Remember that our lives themselves are big adventures, and only we decide how these adventures will go on.

It’s time to open up to the new adventure, so play, participate in the tournaments and the giveaway, have fun and enjoy life.

Author bio: I’m Jaylin: Guest post service planner of Leelija and full time blogger. Favourite things include my camera, traveling,caring my fitness, food and my fashion. Email id:

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