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5 Important Technologies That Make the World Safer

5 Important Technologies That Make the World Safer

Important Technologies That Make the World Safer

We are living in a digital frontier. So many new technologies are coming out, which can be hard to keep up. While a few technologies are creating havoc and don’t have our best interest at heart, there are many that make our lives easier and safer.

We shouldn’t be afraid of technological change, especially when it is helpful. Innovative companies are producing tech that can help us in every sector of business. Technology has improved how we communicate from person to person, making it a great time to be alive.

Let’s check out some of the technologies that make the world safer.

Smart Homes

A smart home allows you to connect with various devices in your home while you are away. You can communicate through the internet and one central point, whether it is a tablet, laptop or smartphone. With smart technology, you can remotely operate appliances, entertainment systems, thermostats, and many other devices.

However, the innovation doesn’t stop there. You can also control door locks, cameras, and security lighting. Plus, you can operate your security system from anywhere that has an internet connection. Even motion detectors can alert you if there is an intruder, dispatching police to your home. This is an incredible way to secure your home while you are away.

Facial Recognition Software

One of the most powerful surveillance tools we have now is facial recognition. The facial recognition software video technology uses advanced technology to scan, analyze, and confirm the identities of individuals. It works by first scanning pictures and video to locate a face in the image. We’ve all seen this on our smartphone cameras when you take a picture. A box surrounds a face and it can then focus on it. This detection is only for finding the face, not identifying it.

Next comes the mapping, where it analyses the facial structure and produces a face print. Your phone works this way as well. Finally, the technology can search and recognize faces from among a database that it is put into and scan for a match. This identifying step is only limited by the software currently developed. It gets better, faster and more accurate every day.

Self-Driving Vehicles

An autonomous vehicle is basically a driverless car. It uses a variety of sensors to operate on the streets. The technology combines GPS, radar, sonar, and other techniques to sense its environment, allowing the vehicle to navigate the road safely.

Trials are underway in many cities around the world with a look to the future. The commercial moving of goods, as well as taxis and buses, can be fully automated. We are still a ways away from having personal autonomous vehicles, but that day will come faster than you think.

Fast Communication

Not too long ago in human history, the only way to communicate when we weren’t with someone was through letters. That gave way to the phone and now we can message anyone with a smartphone around the world instantly. We can also video chat so you can see and hear someone in real-time. It’s quite impressive and we take it for granted.

This communication keeps us all connected, which can be crucial for safety during extreme weather events or emergencies. Getting up-to-date information can literally save lives and we can share that info with others to keep them safe. Personal safety is better now too when you can call for help or alert the police. We are only a text message away from assistance.

Personal Data Security

We all use computers to communicate, shop and do our banking. Our private information is stored on our devices. This can make us vulnerable to hackers that gather information to misuse. Fortunately, data encryption protects your information by changing it to encoded data. This cannot be decoded without a unique decryption key, which is only generated at or before the encryption took place. This means only you can retrieve it, making it very safe.

Online banking can be a safety concern for people, but there are many levels of security to keep your financial information secure. When you sync your computer or smartphone to your financial institution, you need to create a password and username that is unique to you only. You also decide what devices can access this portal. Extra security measures can be used, such as fingerprint and facial recognition to gain access.

This digital era comes with a fast-paced flow of information and connection. We need to take advantage of technology to keep us safe. Thankfully, tech mavericks work hard to protect us with cutting-edge innovation and invention. While our world is getting smaller, it is also getting safer.

Ultimately, your personal information is only as safe as you make it. Use as many levels of protection as you can so people can’t get into your data.

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