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Learn About the Importance of Colocation Services

Learn About the Importance of Colocation Services

Importance of Colocation Services

Data centers have gained the utmost importance among business worldwide, with organizations relying more on outsourced IT infrastructure management solutions. It encompasses the use of multiple colocation services such as infrastructure, connectivity, and support. As per a recent study, these services offer higher data availability, reliability, energy efficiency, and dedicated facility management. Colocation services are pivotal for streamlining the processes of an enterprise.

Colocation service providers offer the building, cooling, power, bandwidth, and physical security to organizations for their data and equipment. It also assists enterprises in connecting with a variety of telecommunications and network service providers through minimum cost and complexity. Selecting the best cabling option for cross connection cabling solutions is dependent on the colocation provider and therefore, different across colocation providers.

Colocation data centers help enterprises eliminate the cost of the infrastructure and enable them to focus on innovation and research. But one of the fragments of this infrastructure is the internet service providers that help enterprises reach out to their customers.

Colocation services that include carrier-neutral facilities offer multiple options of internet service providers where businesses can choose their preferred partner for interconnectivity.

Benefits of Carrier Neutral Data Centers

Reduced Risk of Loss of Data

Enterprises are capable of having multiple carriers connected to their business network when the data center offers several carriers. During the failure of one of these carriers, they can rely on the other carriers for connectivity. It will enable their mission-critical systems to stay up and running.

Due to the availability of cross-connections and hybrid architecture, organizations can optimize their workload for improved speed, safety and functionality. It will reduce the risk of data loss as well as improve efficiency.

During the nationwide lockdown, Deloitte has stated that third party data centers are not facing any disruptions in connectivity and ensuring business continuity. It affirms that 30% of the CIOs are looking at data centers as a long-term priority.

Capability for Expansion

When organizations opt for data centers, it is usually a part of their future strategies and plans. Hence, the carrier-neutral service provider must meet their demands in the coming years.

Data centers offer enterprises the advantage of numerous options and flexibility in design. To ensure business efficiency, they enable the organizations to select the best-suited network for them and allow scalability of business needs over time.


A carrier-neutral data center saves enterprises from significant investment in time and money while migrating to a new data center.  It enables organizations to make a change when required without having to move physically.

Businesses migrating to a new data Centre can bring along the preferred carrier without worrying about changing to a new set of ISPs.  Also, they have the option of changing carriers to ensure better connectivity.

Network Redundancy

The IT performance might suffer without reliable and redundant network connectivity. Hence, carrier diversity is essential. Many data centers offer single connections for traditional connectivity or fully redundant connections for mission-critical applications.

Colocation Services for Smooth Business Operations

In this competitive landscape, businesses are looking for better, managed data to ensure enhanced business performance. Colocation services enable data centers to accommodate the needs of the organizations as well as garner security, compliance and control.

Leading data centers like STT GDC India, offer reliable colocation services. Their operation readiness ensures that external factors do not hamper your processes, guaranteeing 100% uptime dependability and meeting SLA’s on time. STT GDC India also offers carrier neutral colocation services where enterprises can get direct access to IT networks and telecom carriers around the globe.

They offer a synergetic combination of colocation and network services.

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