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How To Choose the Best Slot Machine
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How To Choose the Best Slot Machine

Slots is an easy casino game to play and great for beginning casino players. Even the most expert casino player enjoys a few spins on the slot reel once in a while. Choosing the best slot machine will not only increase your payout if you win, but also help you to realize which slot machines are actually poor in comparison to the good ones.

You can play some games on casino Belgium when you have free time. Slots are high in popularity for casino gaming, so there are always a variety of themed games available for betting. Fill your bankroll, choose your favorite themed slot machine, and play on! Remember to bet responsibly and know when to walk away from the gambling experience.

Compare And Contrast the RTP Rate for Different Slot Machines

The RTP rate is known as the return to player percentage, which is usually in the 90s. According to the Miami Herald, 96% is about the average RTP rate for an online or in-person slot machine. Some can range as low as 93% to as high as around 98%.

Check reviews on the slot machine games in which you are interested and compare and contrast their RTP ratings. The higher the RTP rating, the more you will be paid out if you land on a payline or other winning combination. By discovering the game developer, you can visit the creator’s official website to get more statistics about the slot machine, including the RTP rate, so you know which machines will pay out more than others if you are lucky enough to score a win.

For example, the Blood Suckers slot machine from NetEnt has 98% RTP. Dead or Alive 2 from the same developer has about a 96.82% RTP rate. Both of them are lower volatile slots, which is actually beneficial for gameplay strategy.

Choose A Low Volatile Slot Machine

A slot machine with lower volatility means there is a higher chance of you landing on a winning reel combination. Therefore, that means that a slot machine with higher volatility will make it more difficult to land a winning combination on the reels. Despite how hard it is to win on a higher volatility slot machine, it’s a higher return than the smaller win you may get on a lower volatility one.

However, it’s best to choose a lower volatility slot machine so that you can possibly get more of back on what you bet for those spins compared to the other type. In general, a lower volatility slot machine pays out up to about 70% of the time, which makes it a better choice when looking for the best one to play in an online casino.

Find Slot Machines With More Wild Symbols

Some slot machines have more wild symbols than others. More wild symbols means there is a higher chance of winning. Depending on the rules of the slot game, a certain amount of wild symbols have to pop up on the reels to turn into a win.

If you are playing a classic three-reel slot game, there may only be as much as one wild symbol and the very low chance of landing on a 777. The five-reel slots usually have a chance of having more wild symbols. Again, you can check the game description from the gaming developer’s main website to find out more information about what each reel symbol means and whether it’s a wild one or not.


Choosing the best slot machine will take some hard work and research. However, once you find the few slot machines that are giving you the most success, then you can have a better gameplay experience. Let us know how certain slot machines have treated you!

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