The air mat offers a responsive bounce for gymnastics and provides sturdy and grippy yet cushioned flooring suitable for yoga, pilates gymnastics and cheerleading clubs and sporting clubs and schools and retail customers from Australia, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. The air mat inflatable has a dual-way/deflating electrical pump (UK Plug) for quick inflation. Every mat comes with a repair kit (glue is not included).

Researched the products to assist you in making your decision simpler. Hope that this info will help you make the right option when you purchase your Air Track to be protected by your investment. Should you need any concerns about anything, our team is willing to assist you with any queries you might have.

Things to consider prior Buying an Air Track Mat

Inflatable air mats are an investment and it’s best to conduct your research before buying one. Deciding what you want in terms of thickness, size and price can narrow the selection and select the right solution for your needs.


Mats for air are thick, long inflatable rectangles; however, this doesn’t mean they have identical dimensions. It’s best to take measurements of the areas that you plan to use the mat in most frequently and select a mat compatible with the smallest size.

The most commonly used mats in the thickness range are 4 inches, 8 inches, 4 inches, or 13 inches. 13-inch mats are well-liked by trampoline commercial and power tumbling parks. The choice for homes is between 8 or 4 in. Mats that are 4 inches in size are comparable to the gymnastics spring flooring.


The majority of inflatable mats measure typically four (4) inches wide and meet the minimum thickness recommended by the manufacturer. But, some air track mat are 6 or 8 inches thick to provide greater security. Certain companies provide 12-inch inflatable mats. However, you’ll be paying more for these mats. But, it might not be the most suitable option for small children, who might be thrown off the air track with that much thickness.


The majority of air track mats appear like if you place them up. However, going deeper, you’ll see a few minor differences that can give one item an edge over the other. Premium materials, custom devices, valves, and even handles can assist you in selecting one over the other.

  • Portable for physical activities wherever you go.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Quality products

Include double-walled fabric and commercial quality PVC Tarpaulin. However, you might come across cheaper ones that are strong enough to last. Valves are important when you need to inflate and deflate quickly.

The air pumps

Included in the purchase. Therefore it’s best to study the product’s description carefully. Also, manual pumps might not be as effective as electronic ones.

Bags and handles

Come with your mat will aid in transport should that be a factor. Velcro on the mat’s edges will help keep the mat in place or permit you to connect to more than one. Some mats don’t have Velcro, but it’s something to think about.

Price and Warranty

As with all products you purchase, you will get what you pay for when buying inflatable mats for tumbling. This doesn’t mean you need to spend the highest price to buy a decent product, but it’s helpful to create the budget and adhere to it.

Inflatable Air Track Mat Specifications

Included are 1 x inflatable mat and 1 hand-operated air compressor, 1 steel wrench made of plastic and 1 repair patch.

Dimensions of the product: 300cm (L) 10cm (H) 100cm (W) (inflated)

Dimensions of the box: 24cm (L) and 65cm (H) (L) x 22cm (W)

Materials: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyester (mat), Polypropylene (PP), and aluminum alloy (pump)

Assembly: Required

Adults are required to be in the assembly

Weight of the product: 9.15kg

Pro Air Track Mat for Gymnastics

Air track mat was designed specifically to be used by tumblers and gymnasts. It is ideal for absorbing impacts and reducing the chance of injury. It’s simple to set up (with excellent non-leak performance). It’s also portable, meaning you can carry it wherever you travel.  Inflatable tumbling tracks weigh less strong, durable, and abrasion-resistant. They are compact when deflated, making them easy to store and transport.

You can utilize tumbling mat at dance clubs, gymnasiums, fitness centers, etc. It’s the perfect complement to any high-performance training facility.

  • At Home – top gymnastics air track has drop stitch technology that makes it lightweight yet adds its trademark bounciness.
  • Outdoors the Air Track is UV-resistant and includes a double wall on the rail’s outside to ensure that it is stable on all surfaces (including grass).
  • In The Swimming Pool — Reinforced by heat-pressed seams, the result is an airtight and waterproof seal supported by the top inflation valve.


Can an Air Track be used in the water?

Many people come to us during summer with a simple question: can I bring my AirTrack mat to the pool? There is a way. Our mats are manufactured using top-quality materials that allow mats to flotation.

Is a denser Air Track superior?

If you opt for a more dense air track, you’ll select between using higher pressure to form a solid surface or lesser pressure that creates a softer surface. Mats that are thicker and have higher pressure provide more stability and strength (similar to spring floors).

Airtrack can Air track be used outside?

Yes, you can make use of the Airtrack outside. Set your Airtrack on the grass or a terrace after you’ve removed pebbles, stones, and other sharp objects. We suggest that you put an underlay beneath your Airtrack for protection, like a blanket or felt tarp or any other.

In Summary

Kameymall recommend you invest in quality. Air Tracks are covered by 2 years of the warranty covering manufacturing defects and non-usage damages to all parts, including seams and the surface. Air Tracks are very durable, but they may nevertheless be damaged if properly managed. Therefore, to provide you with that added piece assurance, provide repair kits or repair services should accidental damage impact your tracks’ performance.