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How A Good Anchor Text Strategy Can Boost Your SEO

How A Good Anchor Text Strategy Can Boost Your SEO

How A Good Anchor Text Strategy Can Boost Your SEO

Anchor Text is one of the most content marketing strategies every SEO strategy should consider incorporating to better capture readers’ attention. It plays a crucial role in directing and redirecting the audience to a specific page and finding relevant information. In simple terms, Anchor Text takes the reader a ‘tour’ to a target page by providing a link.

In SEO services, any written content needs to engage readers easily; therefore, it should be quick to be located. In other words, readers should not find it hard when searching information on the contents’ page; instead, let them find what can help them. For example, inserting hyperlinks in the form of Anchor Text to provide additional information on another page engages your reader to get glued to your site.

Anchor Text is good to boost rankings (search engines) and entire SEO work. But what are the characteristics of good Anchor Text?

Characteristics of good Anchor Text

1. Use the best keyword

As Anchor Text provides a link to a specific page, it should have a useful keyword that is familiar or attractive to the reader. The words or phrase that carries the hyperlink should engage and assure the readers what they are looking for is rightly there.

2. It should be visible

The Anchor Text should be visible for the reader to see and identify a source of information quickly. Therefore, the text’s color and font size play a good role in making the Anchor Text visible. In most cases, the color applied in Anchor Text is blue.

The color helps readers see a relevant source of information where they click and find what they want. If you’re going to choose the blue color for the Anchor Text characters, use CSS or HTML hyperlink styles.

3. It should be clickable

Of course, there is no essence of having an Anchor Text that initiates clicking but is inactive when you click. As Anchor Test in most cases is used as the display text over the hyperlink, you need to make sure the link is clickable to provide the information of the external page.

4. It should be Underlined

While you can still live your Anchor Text un-underlined, choose to underline it. Underlining the characters or words in Anchor Text makes it visible, easy to identify, and mark as a Keyword.

Types of Anchor Text

1. Partial-Match

This Anchor Text has keywords variations. For example, in “ Types of Anchor Text,” a link features a page “Anchor Text.”

2. Exact-Match

This is where Anchor Text prefers keywords that tell what is expected on a specific page. For example, “Types of Anchor Text,” a keyword that links you on a page that talks about Types of Anchor Text.

3. Branded

This type of Anchor Text contains a phrase or part of the company’s name, blog, or web domain name.

4. Images

Anchor Text can use an image on a page to link additional information to another page. The image should have an appropriate link.

5. Generic

This Anchor Text instructs the reader, for example, “Click here” to learn more about something.

6. Naked Link

This is where an Anchor Text is used as a bare link without the display text.


Anchor Text is all that will make your content stay in the right position across different browsers. It hooks all readers who are looking for additional information from other pages or websites. But to keep readers engaged with the contents of different pages, ensure the Anchor Text has the correct font size text, is visible and clickable.

Author Bio

Tom Koh is the Principle SEO Consultant with MediaOne Business Group, an internationally acclaimed digital agency. He has more than 12 years of digital marketing consulting experience. Some clients include Canon, Procter & Gamble, Cambridge University, Boston Consulting Group, Acer, Fuji Xerox, China Telecom, Hotel Intercontinental and Whirlpool.

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