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Power Inverter for Home: Must Know These 3 Benefits

Power Inverter for Home: Must Know These 3 Benefits

The advent of electrical appliances has contributed significantly to make our life easier and more convenient. People in most parts of India can’t picture a life without the lights flickering after dark, the fan keeping the days cool in summer, or using microwave ovens to heat food.

Because of these appliances power has become an indispensable component of our daily life, whether at home or in the workplace.

Technology has once again played a role in making our lives simpler, as we now have power inverters for home that help us use lights, fans, and air conditioners during a power cut.

Still not convinced?

Then, check out these benefits of using a power inverter for home appliances:

  1. Ensures Safety of Appliances

In electrical devices such as air conditioners, computers, televisions, and so on, an inverter acts as a power conversion circuit that controls current, voltage, and resistance. The integrated circuit regulates the machine’s compressors and provides the exact amount of voltage needed for the appliances to operate. While the rest of the world has progressed to more efficient and sensitive electronics, the power source has remained constant. Inverters ensure that gadgets are not harmed by too much or too little voltage from the mains (grid) supply.

  1. Provides Power Backup During Outages

During a power outage, an inverter is a great source of power (or electricity) backup. It means that energy is used without interrupting your everyday routine. For operating  a monitor, watching tv, or using the washing machine, the inverter kicks in and supplies electricity to appliances as soon as the utility power is disconnected.

  1. Converts DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current)

One of the most essentials benefits of a power inverter for the home is that it converts DC into AC. When the primary power grid or public utility grid provides AC to industries and households, alternating power systems’ batteries only store DC power. Furthermore, almost all household appliances and other electrical fixtures and machinery run solely on AC power.

To make your buying experience better, you should know that there are two types of power inverters for home.

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverters

A sine wave power inverter for home supplies power that is close to that produced by a grid. It helps to reduce the risk of damaging sensitive appliances. A pure sine wave inverter aids in converting stored energy into alternating current that your electrical equipment can use.

  • Square Wave Inverters

A square wave inverter is more cost-effective and durable in areas where voltage fluctuation is common.

If you choose to power advanced electronic equipment like a television or refrigerator, a sine wave power inverter for your home is an ideal choice.

Get a Power Inverter for Home Today

With the help of an inverter, you will never run out of electricity, whether at home or at work. Electronic gadgets are an inseparable part of our lives, making every moment feel complicated without them. Inverters ensure a safe and simple way to keep these appliances running smoothly during a power cut.

When looking for a power inverter for home, always rely on reputed and trusted brands like Luminous. They are market leaders of the inverter and battery segment for the last 30 years. You can explore their online store to check out their vast selection of power inverters for home. One of their most popular products is Luminous Zelio-I, which offers MCB protection, hassle-free battery maintenance, and an LCD display. It has Bluetooth compatibility, which allows you to use its iCloud feature to power the inverter and monitor data from an Android or iOS device. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best power inverter for home at affordable prices today!

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