9 Good Profile Picture Ideas to Make Your Social Media Profile Shine

What does your profile photo say about you? If your social media picture hasn’t been updated in years, people may be wondering what you’ve been up to!

To look your best online, you should upload new photos to your profile regularly. However, have you ever wondered what makes a good profile photo?

If you’re in need of a new look online, keep reading for nine good profile picture ideas that may inspire you to create something new.

#1. Showcase Your Beautiful Smile

The best profile picture is one that’s all about you! You want to be the focus of your own photo, so make sure your photo clearly shows your face.

By showcasing your face, people can be sure it’s you and they will also get a sense for who you are and your personality.

Many people feel like they aren’t photogenic, so it can be scary being the center of attention. To look better in photos, try elongating your neck and slightly pushing your head forward—this helps eliminate the look of a double chin.

#2. Do Something Fun

For a cool photo for Instagram, why not do something fun? Action shots help people get to know you and learn what you like.

If you love the ocean, can you take your GoPro scuba diving and nail a killer underwater selfie? Maybe a shot of you cooking up a storm on the barbecue or a fun shot of you playing basketball?

Or, just think of your interests, hobbies, or favorite sports, and try to incorporate them into your next photo.

#3. Think Bright Colors

As humans, we are naturally drawn to bright, vibrant colors. You can use this to your advantage to help your profile get noticed.

If you can include bright colors in your photo, perhaps though what you wear or your background, your photo will become instantly eye-catching. An easy way to do this is by wearing a bright hat or sweater, posing in front of a red car, or finding a bright-colored background, like a barn or painted building.

Just be sure the color isn’t so distracted that people notice it instead of you! Do avoid busy patterns though, as they can be too distracting to look at.

#4. Edit Your Photo for Best Results

A profile photo is one of our few opportunities in life to make a first impression, so you want to make sure your first impression is a positive one.

To do this, it can help to edit your photos before posting. This gives them a more professional look and will help them stand out.

Think about your crop, composure, lighting, and color, all things you can easily edit in Lightroom. If you need help learning how to edit, here’s how to use Adobe Lightroom.

#5. Include Your Four-Legged Friend

A fun profile photo idea that will appeal to almost anyone is to include your pet!

Dogs (and cats) can be man’s best friend, but they can also be a fun addition to your photo. Find someone to take some candid snaps with your beloved pet and you’re sure to get some amazing photos as a result.

It also lets the world know that you love pets and animals, which is always a nice thing. If you’re also using your photo as part of your online dating profile, showcasing your pets also lets potential dates know that you have a pet.

#6. Look Natural

Remember the days of school photos, when you were required to pose unnaturally and put your head on your hand? No one wants a profile photo like that.

The best profile photo is one that looks completely natural. If a photo looks staged, it seems gimmicky and may put people off.

To look more natural, try not to look directly at the camera and move slightly as the photograph is shooting, which can keep you from looking stiff.

#7. Seek Out Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is your friend when it comes to profile shots. It gives your photos a lovely, airy quality and the lighting can be flattering on your skin.

Try to shoot outdoors or in a room with natural light, as it can give better results than images shot in a studio with harsh lighting.

#8. Hire a Pro

To really get a great photo, you may want to hire a professional photographer. They have access to high-quality cameras and equipment and are experts in lighting and posing positions.

If hiring a pro isn’t in your budget, pair up with a friend and take turns photographing one another.

#9. Make Yourself the Center of the Frame

Since your photo is all about you, you want to make sure you’re in the center of the frame. If your photo is taken from a distance, for example, no one will be able to tell that it’s you!

For a great picture, make sure your face and body make up the majority of the photo.

Use These Good Profile Picture Ideas to Get Started

Is your social media profile in need of a refresh? If so, use the good profile picture ideas above to get creative and come up with a new photo for your page.

Your photo helps you attract new people to your page, can be helpful for online dating, and lets your friends and family see what you’ve been up to. Grab a camera, grab a photographer, and get shooting–soon, you’ll be uploading your new photo onto your page and the likes will start rolling in!

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