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Gaming Essentials: Best Power Supplies for Gaming

Gaming Essentials: Best Power Supplies for Gaming

Gaming Essentials Best Power Supplies for Gaming

Having the perfect setup for your gaming is the ultimate goal for a smooth experience. Without a proper power supply unit, you cant’ make run a PC. While PSU is one of the building blocks of a desktop computer, you need to have some gaming essentials and points to check before buying the best power supply. You can search for the best power companies and secure your purchase if you know your desktop specifications. When building a gaming PC, everyone goes with high-quality components and high performance. Features like GPU, CPU, RAM, SSD, etc are crucial if you rely on performance and speed. However, PSU is the power supply and you need to make sure all of the features are within their range.

PSU – Power Supply Unit

When it comes to the power supply unit, features like power supply design, wattage, and efficiency rating are relevant. Size it’s also an important point to consider.

Power Design


Power supply design refers to fully- modular, non-modular, and semi-modular power supplies. The difference between these designs comes in terms of power cable connection which can have non-removable cables or be fully removable in the fully modular unit.

PSU - Power Supply Unit

Efficiency Rating

The efficiency rating of the power supply shows the electricity consumption, as well as reliability. A highly efficient power supply can run at lower electricity consumption and handle heavier power loads. Nevertheless, 80 plus gold rated power supply is far better for purchase. 80 Plus Gold is the sweet spot,

Power-efficient certification allows you to be informed about the overall quality of your power supply unit. The way the PSU is rated goes through a lot of expectations and processes and is supposed to provide power to at least 80% of the wattage being advertised.

The efficiency rating is determined by performance in a 115-volt system and these include 80 PLUS, 80 PLUS Bronze, 80 PLUS Silver, 80 PLUS Gold, 80 PLUS Platinum, and 80 PLUS Titanium.


Another thing to consider when taking care of the power supply is the wattage rating. This is to make sure it offers enough power to all PC components. The wattage of 550 watts, 750 watts, and 850 watts is good and optimal for powerful gaming PCs. there is a belief that more wattage is better for maximum output. While this is not true, you can buy a large capacity PSU in case you want to upgrade it in the future. It would help not to overdo it, since it will cost you more and you’ll have no additional value. For example, you can check your GPU, motherboard and CPU requirements and consider a 650-750 wattage is more than enough in most cases.


Before you purchase any power supply, you must know the size of it. Do not scroll on websites and wander around in local shops in the search of the perfect PSU. Some of the available sizes are SFX and ATX. Those built as original equipment manufacturers – OEM, have built-in features and are not suitable for custom PC and general users.


The safety system is important when dealing with large amounts of power. A good power supply should protect the PSU and your system in case of an unexpected power surge or internet downtime. The motherboard and the power supply are the only PC components that are directly connected to every piece of your hardware. And due to its unique position in the PC’s layout, make sure it has built-in protection so it can keep the rest of the hardware safe and protected.

PCIe and EPS Connectors

PCIe and EPS Connectors

Another critical aspect to consider is the PCIe and EPS connectors. These are the reason why you should buy a high-quality PSU with additional connectors so you can easily upgrade it in the future. Some power supply units come with more than one EPS connector with 8pins since they are quite pricier.

Premium Power

PC building is all about power supplies and customization. There are a  lot of features you can choose from premium power supplies. Features like testing buttons, RGB lighting, additional connections, and power draw measurements via USB connections are some of the options you can consider. There are custom cables that allow the user to decide on the color and material of the power cables which will add a further level of customization.


This is one of the best power supply units with its capacities from 550W to 1000W. There are some differences with the previous models like modern standby compatibility for waster wake up from sleep times, 80 PLUS Gold certifications, high efficiency under light, magnetic levitation fan, and three EPS connectors. The RM750x model has a significant performance lead over its predecessor, however, it needs a slight improvement in the efficiency under high loads.

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