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Why Should Start-ups Use Flutter For Web & Cross-platform Apps?

Why Should Start-ups Use Flutter For Web & Cross-platform Apps?

You may have observed that Start-ups are pretty good in terms of resources and intellectual prowess. Then, why do some start-ups fail to leverage their business?

Well, the common reason for their failure is the platform. Many start-ups often overlook the importance of choosing the right platforms for their business and this is where they make a mistake.

A right platform is imperative to engage and interact with a larger audience. Failing to do so will ultimately ruin your money, time, and, most importantly, mood.

Are you also thinking of launching a start-up in New York? Or looking for the right platform for your business? If yes, you should first look at some stats, which will help you choose a platform.

  • Currently, smartphones account for 70 percent of all sales.
  • Over 1.85 million apps are available on iOs and around 2.56 million apps on Google Play Store.

Now, you can assume how difficult and essential it is to catch users’ attention to your app.

Developing a local iOS and Android app is an expensive deal. Furthermore, depending on a single functioning framework is not a wise decision. So, what to do?

Well, there is a cost-effective and basic solution for entrepreneurs, especially for Start-ups, i.e., cross-platform application: Flutter.

You can understand Flutter as the blend of best Google technologies and ideas to help developers create a powerful mobile app. If you are unfamiliar with the features of Flutter, you should go through the quick rundown of the vital outline of Flutter.

What unique features make Flutter the most preferred framework?

Flutter is Google’s official cross-platform application for app development, released in May 2017. But its growth is even more than its age. You will be amazed that around 42 percent of software developers used Flutter in 2021. It has even surpassed the popular cross-platform framework, React Native.

Here’s why developers love to use it:

  • Facilitates wider reach
  • Helps in fast development
  • Customizable widgets for almost every business
  • Huge community support of active developers
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Provides ample space and time for experiment across several platforms
  • Reliable, scalable, and efficient
  • Help provide Flutter experience to customers
  • Maintenance and customization is easier
  • Update continuously with changing marketing trends and demands
  • It saves both time and money

Key reasons why start-ups should use the Flutter framework in 2022

Higher customization ability of Flutter

Applications made on single code make it easier for the developers to maintain and change it. This helps Start-ups to save huge chunks of money, which they might spend on hiring a big team of developers for app maintenance. Since there is no need to change the Dart code, the applications developed on Flutter work seamlessly.

Cost-effective framework

The average cost of developing Flutter app is between $50,000 and $1,70,000, depending on the platform, requirements, and experience of the developer. Spending such an amount on app development can load on Start-up’s wallet.

That’s why investing money in Flutter web or app development is the right choice. In Flutter, you don’t need to develop a fully functional app from scratch as it allows code reusability that helps save time and money.

Excellent user experience & widget catalog

Flutter’s collaboration with Material Design allows developers to provide Flutter experience to the customers. This collaboration enables developers to keep the same UI (user interface) while switching the other platforms. Moreover, the Flutter widget catalog gives an array of cross-platform tools, empowering developers to create sharp and complex apps without headaches.

Faster development and increased productivity

As discussed, Flutter enables developers to reuse the code and also helps them easily embed Flutter single code into different programming languages. Thus, reducing the duration of the app development process.

Moreover, the “Hot Reload” feature of Flutter allows developers to make instant changes in the backend without recompilation, which further helps save time and increase productivity.

An app infrastructure sans server

Flutter has Google’s mobile platform Firebase, meaning businesses can leverage the benefits of Firebase that provide services, like cloud storage, real-time databases, cloud- functions, hosting, etc. This gives a privilege to Start-ups to have a scalable infrastructure without the need for servers.

Flutter offers various types of themes

Having different theme options is a great part of Flutter. A business can choose from their wide selection of themes that suits their business. It offers various themes that can be used on different applications running on multiple platforms.

Why is it the best choice for Minimum Viable Product development?

Start-ups in New York looking for a framework that can fit into their budget and resources should go with Flutter. It is the best choice for Minimum Viable Product Development (MVP) in real-time.

The UI Native widgets, support for 2D GPU accelerated APIs, Hot Reload feature helps developers enhance the Flutter animate. You can easily create a Flutter animate that is irresistible and attractive with this cross-platform. Also, in Flutter, you don’t need to pay license fees.


The high customization, budget-friendly development price, Firebase, seamless experience makes the Flutter a preferable choice among Start-ups. There’s no doubt that the future of mobile app development belongs to Flutter.

Do you also want to transform your business to Flutter or build a mobile app based on Flutter? Choosing a mobile development company with a wealth of knowledge and experience in bringing your imagination to your mobile app is crucial.

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