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Flutin Live Subscription Plan: How The Premium Access To The Streaming Platform Benefits You

Flutin Live Subscription Plan: How The Premium Access To The Streaming Platform Benefits You

Flutin Live Subscription Plan

You must be wondering that Flutin Live too has joined the bandwagon and become yet another live streaming platform with a subscription plan. However, their offerings far exceed the amount you’d be investing. While free users can still avail of the platform’s exclusive features to some extent, becoming a paid subscriber opens all possible doors of growth as a streamer. With its smart plans and pricing, Flutin Live is rapidly becoming the most sought after live streaming solution. Take a look at the premium Flutin Live features that can change the game for you. 

If there exists a true user-friendly live streaming platform today, it’s Flutin Live. The cutting edge Flutin Live features that comes along with its subscription plan makes for an excellent streaming experience for both the streamer and the viewers. If you are a beginner, Flutin Live is the live streaming solution you’ve been looking for. The tools you get along with its plans and pricing are all you need to turn into a professional streamer. So, what are these tools and features that we keep talking about? Take a look below.

1. Streaming Revenue

Perhaps the first thing streamers, especially beginners, inquire about is how much they’ll get to keep what they earn. With Flutin Live, the major chunk of the streaming revenue as well as money earned via ticket sales goes to the streamer. In the case of free users, Flutin Live charges a commission of 20% while the commission charged is only 10% in the case of subscribed users.

2. High Quality Streams

Do you ever watch a video in 240p or 360p these days? The answer is an obvious no (unless you’ve run out of your data limit for the day). The same is the case with your viewers. In fact, a survey has proved that the majority of people tend to watch streams of higher quality. This is not a concern with Flutin Live as they allow their paid users to stream in 1080p.

3. Customized Branding

When you use a streaming platform for free, it’s no wonder that the platform’s logo will be an inevitable part of your stream. However, Flutin Live gives an incredible opportunity to maximise your online presence and create a memorable impression on your viewers. Getting its subscription plan gives you the added advantage of displaying your very own logo at the top of your streams.


RTMP streaming is the ultimate goal of any streamer. Not only does it ensure smooth transmission of high-quality videos but also reduces the latency to the bare minimum. This, in turn, gives viewers a wonderful watching experience and makes them come back for more. Unpaid users of Flutin Live get to stream to one custom RTMP destination whereas subscribed users are allowed to stream to 5 custom RTMP destinations.

5. Multistreams

Multistreaming is an innovative way of streaming that is spreading like wildfire. You basically get to stream to multiple platforms at the same time and enjoy each platform’s potential in terms of reach and connectivity. Flutin Live lets its free users stream to up to 2 destinations at a time whereas paid users get to stream to a maximum of 10 destinations at a time. This includes all the streaming giants like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

6. Multi-chat

Multistreaming is an innovative way of reaching your followers where they already are. But, what about interacting with them? Successful streaming is nearly impossible without engaging with your audience. This is where Flutin Live saves the day yet again. The chat box of each platform you multi stream to will be displayed together on your stream to interact with your audience as and when needed. The icing on the cake is that this feature is available for use by both free and paid users.

7. Stream Time

The length of a stream majorly depends on the type of content you’d be putting forward. However, there’s another thing to consider as well. Unpaid users of Flutin Live can stream up to a maximum of 10 hours per month. This leaves you with a total of 2-2.5 hours per week, which is the standard duration followed by many out there. Coming to subscribed users, the platform is available for use at their disposal anytime and for however long they want.

Taking a look at the above incredible features will tell you that Flutin Live has really lived up to its words of giving deserving creators a platform to shine. Moving forward, these features are all you need to deal your name in the streamer hall of fame.

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