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Now Monitor All The Activities Of Your Kids With Amazing Famisafe App

Now Monitor All The Activities Of Your Kids With Amazing Famisafe App

In this modern era, with a lot of technological advancement there are new issues that have come up in front of the people. With the smartphone and a mobile phone in every kids’ hands, there are chances that they may get drifted away. For many parents, there is great importance of values and they don’t want their kids to be indulged in wrong activities.

Hence, it is important for parents that they track all the activities of their kids. Today is the age of internet and all the kids are familiar with this resource. Hence it is important for parents that the child makes a positive use of the internet rather than indulging in the negative ones. To solve this problem of parents, Famisafe parental control app can be the solution. It is the best app that can keep an eye on the activities performed by the kids as well as can restrict them from doing the wrong activities.

All the activities performed by the child during his 24 hours can be tracked by this phone tracker app. Also this app restrict the improper use of internet, which helps the child in using the phone and internet in a positive manner. Features like android location tracking are essential part of this app This will also help in the overall development and development of values in the child.

Important features of the Famisafe App

As we have discussed above, there are many features of the Famisafe app that helps in tracking the activities of the child. Some of the specific features of this app are mentioned below:

  • This app keeps a log of different activities performed by the child on the phone and track phone All the apps opened by the child, all the websites accessed by the child are tracked and parents can view this log whenever they want. By having a thorough analysis of this log, they can understand whether the child is going in the right direction or a wrong one.
  • The app is endowed with a GPS location tracker system, through which the real time location of the child is captured and uploaded on the server. A complete location history of the child on any date can be accessed by the parents through this phone location tracker. They can know where the child is at present in the real time and where he was on a particular date and at a particular time.
  • Another important feature of this phone locator app is the geo fencing feature. By using this feature, the parents can create an imaginary fence or boundary and find out whether the child is crossing this boundary or not. When the child crosses the boundary at any time, a notification message is sent to the parents. Hence the parents will be able to know that the child is moving to a restricted place or not.
  • Different websites which can be considered as improper for the kids like the adult sites etc. can be blocked by the use of this app. The child will not be able to access any of these sites at any time by the proper settings in this app.
  • Different apps that are considered improper for the kids can also be blocked. Now a days, many apps can be found on the app stores, which may have unsafe content. Hence apart from blocking the websites, different apps can also be blocked by this app.
  • There are some options in this app, by which the time spent in different apps and websites is tracked. It helps to provide a useful insight to the parents on knowing that the child is spending more time on which website or app.

Thus, we have seen the important features of the Famisafe App. The Famisafe app is compatible with all major operating systems.

It is compatible with the android devices and well as Iphone devices. Also in the desktops and laptops, the parents can operate the software in Windows as well as MAC.

An active internet connection is the prime requirement while working with this app. The internet connection is required both in the mobile devices as well as desktops.


Thus, we have seen that Famisafe app, which is the best android phone tracker can be used to track the activities of the child at any time. This will help the child to prevent going astray and will help him to move in the right direction.

This app can be the best supporting app for parents as it will help them in keeping a complete track of the child’s behaviour. They can spy on the child by this app and understand his behaviour and thereby take steps according to it.

This app is only available in the paid version and parents will find it useful by paying a small amount of money.

Indeed, the future of kids is much more important than the small money that is spent on this app.  You can also try this phone tracker app and witness its advantages.

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