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Why Are Gaming Laptops Way More Expensive Than Desktops?

Why Are Gaming Laptops Way More Expensive Than Desktops?

Gaming Laptops Way More Expensive Than Desktops

The question is why gaming laptops are way more expensive than a desktop? And the answer is based on some of the facts you need to understand.

We can say that both the devices are very efficient and suitable for gaming so, it is wrong to say any of the devices good or bad.

Everything has pros and cons as well and same in this case, we also have some pros and cons of both the devices whether it is a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop.

There are many facts you need to understand about the laptops and their mechanism and as soon as you understand, you can easily decide that what to buy now.

There is a difference in the prices of specifications that means RAM may be costly which we are going to use in a gaming laptop.

But it may be cheap when it comes to gaming desktops so, you must have a proper understanding of buying a scope.

So, you must have the proper knowledge and we are going to share some of the main points that must be focused on before buying a laptop or a computer.

The price bracket of a gaming laptop

We have seen many laptops that are good in price and best in performance but at the same time, we have some laptops that are very much expensive.

We can say that the gaming laptops start at a minimum of 300$ and we have a range of laptops that are considered as the best, Check Now

It is worth spending money on a gaming laptop because many manufacturers focused on the specifications with the price bracket.

If you are a beginner and do not what to buy or what to see in a gaming laptop then many guides will surely help you in picking up the best laptop.

The price bracket of gaming desktops

Most people make their desktops which are according to their requirements and these requirements help them to make the best desktop.

The price of the hardware specifications is somehow less when it comes to the gaming desktops or we can say that it is comparatively low than a gaming laptop.

The price of a gaming desktop starts from a minimum of 200$ which is quite very reasonable and you can easily afford this price range.

But if you want to get a portable device then you must go for a laptop because you cannot carry your desktop with you.


When we talk about portability, it is quite cleared that laptops are portable devices but desktops are not.

The reason for the high price of the laptop is portability. You can carry your laptop with you anywhere but you cannot do it with your desktop.

Some people are fond of traveling and they need to play games while traveling so, they prefer gaming laptops rather than choosing gaming desktops.

But if portability is not a requirement by a user, then gaming desktops can be a good choice. All you need is to check your requirements first.

But portability is one of the main reasons why gaming laptops are expensive than a gaming desktop.


After portability, we have the versatility of a laptop which means you can upgrade your laptop at any time you want.

All the specifications are flexible like you can change your RAM, graphics card, and some other specifications very easily.

But it is not possible sometimes to do on a gaming desktop or we can say that it may be costly to change the specifications of a gaming desktop.

If you want to get a versatile device then you must go for a gaming laptop instead of buying a gaming desktop.


As we all know that laptops have the option of battery but gaming desktops do not have so, we can say that it is something attractive for a laptop.

You must have a battery backup especially when you are playing games on your laptop but it is not possible on a gaming desktop.

It is quite clear that when you add something to your computer, it will surely increase the price of the computer.

So, it is quite obvious that when we have a battery option then the price must be increased and that’s why gaming laptops are expensive than gaming desktops.

No doubt, gaming laptops are very comfortable and easy to use instead of having a gaming desktop but we do have many options that are only available on a desktop.

Cooling system

Cooling systems are very important for both the laptop and the gaming desktop too because it is quite obvious that when you play high-end games, your device starts heating up.

There are many ways to cool down your laptop but we are talking here about the cooling ideas. A cooling system is installed on both devices.

But the difference is the cooling system of a laptop is very much better than a desktop and that’s why it is way more expensive than a desktop.

Compact cooling systems are expensive than a simple cooling system and gaming laptops use compact cooling systems and that’s the reason they are expensive.

Bottom line

Everything has pros and cons and you need to choose the best device which is according to your needs and requirements.

Your requirements will make you able to choose the best device but keep in mind that gaming laptops are somehow expensive than a gaming desktop.

We have discussed some of the facts about both the devices and we also discussed why gaming laptops are expensive than a desktop.

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