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Yubo Reviews Highlight The App’s Best Features for Parents and Teens

Yubo Reviews Highlight The App’s Best Features for Parents and Teens

Yubo Reviews Highlight The App’s Best Features

In the highly competitive social media app world, Paris-based Yubo stands out for its appeal to Gen Z users. There are several features that have drawn this appeal to Gen Z, and that have also been recognized by industry leaders and even parents. Here, four industry reviewers give feedback on several of the notable Yubo features, including Yubo’s rigorous safety protocols and the app’s notable NGO partnerships, read below for the most up-to-date news on Yubo.

Yubo’s Growth in the Online Social Marketplace

Since its 2015 inception, Yubo, the live social discovery app, has made its mark in the highly competitive social media world. Yubo appeals to Gen Z users from 13 to 25, a group with its own freewheeling communication preferences. These users enjoy chats and livestreaming, and Yubo offers opportunities for both.

In 2020, Yubo saw exponential growth. The live social discovery app now has over 60 million users in more than 140 countries. This growth occurred during the crest of the COVID-19 pandemic, a period when highly social teens and young adults were forced into home isolation and were looking for means of connection. The live social discovery app now has over 60 million users in more than 140 countries.

During these trying few months, Gen Zers increasingly sought to make real connections with their peers. In fact, during the pandemic’s first year, the Yubo app’s metrics showed a 550 percent increase in time spent on daily livestreams.

Today, Yubo’s livestreams continue to be the app’s most popular feature, with tens of billions of Lives created so far. In addition, the Yubo platform has connected more than 2 billion new friends, who have sent over 10 billion messages in the process.

What Makes Yubo Stand Out

Yubo’s platform is built around connections. Yubo users can socialize with other same-aged teens or young adults via chats, games, and livestreams. By clicking a profile tag, users can also identify others with similar interests or passions.

Perhaps most importantly, Yubo allows users from different cultures and countries to meet and connect when they would likely never have the chance to in person. From there, they can build respectful friendships while accepting each other’s differences and learning about the other person’s background. This widens its users’ worldviews.

Lovezoid USA: Yubo Is Tops for Social Networking

When it comes to social networking platforms, resource site Lovezoid USA places Yubo high on the list. From the Yubo platform’s ease of connection to its various user communities, Lovezoid USA says Yubo has a lot to offer.

“Yubo has a wide range of features that make it easy to connect with others, including the ability to chat, share photos and videos, and create live streams. The app also has a “swipe” feature that makes it easy to find new friends who share your interests.

“Whether you’re looking for someone to chat with or want to find a new community to join, Yubo is the perfect app for you…With a success rate of 97 percent, you’re sure to find success on this well-rounded social networking software,” the Lovezoid USA reviewer emphasized.

Yubo’s Age Verification System

Yubo wants its Gen Z users to really enjoy their interactions on its live social discovery platform. At the same time, the company is focused on users’ online safety. Yubo’s Age Verification System (AVS) is the cornerstone of these efforts. In 2022, Yubo became the first major social media app to require 100 percent of users to verify their ages. For parents, Yubo’s prioritization of safety creates a sense of security, while allowing their teens to socialize and make new friends online.

How the Age Verification Process Works

Every Yubo user must successfully verify their age before gaining access to the platform. They won’t need an ID or other documentation, which benefits younger users who may not yet have their ID card. Instead, Yubo uses age estimation software from Yoti, a leading digital identification services company. The user can complete the age verification process without even leaving the Yubo app.

To begin, the user snaps a real-time photo while Yoti’s liveness algorithm takes a short video. Both actions are designed to confirm the user’s real photo rather than a screenshot or Google image.

Next, the Yoti algorithm evaluates the photo and estimates the user’s age. If this age matches the user’s claimed age, they’ll be routed directly to the Yubo app. If not, the user must produce valid identification documentation or they cannot access the platform.

Yoti’s technology has a 98.9 percent accuracy rate. In other words, its algorithm is nearly 100 percent accurate in determining that a user’s age is higher or lower than a specific age threshold. This accuracy rate is valid for all skin tones, genders, and ages. The technology has also received the well-regarded iBeta certification.

Finally, Yubo designed its Age Verification System to respect its users’ privacy. The entire process complies with European data privacy laws’ “privacy by design” practices. In addition, the Yoti algorithm cannot link an actual user’s identity to the image taken during the process.

Yubo’s Focus on Real Interactions

Many popular social media apps encourage users to like and/or follow others on the platforms. These approval metrics essentially set up an online popularity contest in which some users may judge themselves based on their likes and/or follower count.

Not surprisingly, this creates pressure for young people to achieve a good performance to compete with and impress their peers. The strong emphasis on approval can have a negative impact on users’ self-esteem issues.

How Yubo Rises Above the Noise

Many caregivers and parents are pleased to find that Yubo is refreshingly different. Instead of encouraging young users to focus on racking up more likes and followers, they can enjoy social interactions without these pressures. Yubo also makes it easy to connect with users outside someone’s social circle. Whether a new friend is across town or across the globe, it’s easy to make a connection that could lead to a great friendship.

Pocket-Lint: Yubo’s on the Right Track

Pocket-Lint, a well-regarded technology news site with a US/UK user base, frequently publishes reviews of popular apps and other online platforms. The publication’s well-informed journalists have endorsed Yubo’s focus on real platform user interactions ─ not superficial popularity contests.

First, the Pocket-Lint reviewer said Yubo’s emphasis on friends (rather than followers) is important. “There’s no follower counting here, or any need to ask for likes and shares. You’re here to make friends, not become an influencer, so you can put aside your worries about clout and just concentrate on your interactions with actual people,” the Pocket-Lint reviewer emphasized.

Focus on Users’ Mutual Interests

Yubo also makes it easy to meet people with mutual interests and passions. By clicking on relevant tags, a user will find other like-minded people with whom they can strike up a conversation. The Pocket-Lint reviewer highly recommended this method of getting acquainted.

“One of the core ways that you can meet people on Yubo, which really helps forge these bonds, is by interacting with tags and sections that attract you. If you’re interested in art, or literature, you can explore those tags and find other people with similar mindsets.

“This means that you can start off on an even footing, rather than having to find some shared ground over the course of awkward messaging. Plus, with Yubo’s purpose clearly being to help find friends, everyone’s got the same shared goal, so there’s loads of friendliness going around,” the Pocket-Lint reviewer concluded.

Plenty of Ways to Talk

When a Yubo user meets someone that intrigues them, there are several ways to explore that connection. “Once you find someone that you’re interested in getting to know better, there are loads of ways to do that. You can chat as much as you like, either by text or on calls, but you can also join streams together to find out about interesting topics, or just to hang out in a virtual space.

“Yubo is focused on encouraging actual interactions like these, to generate real shared memories rather than vapid ephemeral online comments. It’s an approach that’ll have you spending more time each day actually getting to know someone,” the Pocket-Lint reviewer remarked.

Yubo’s Popular Livestreaming Communication

Livestreaming has become an integral part of the digital age. On Yubo’s live social discovery app, livestreaming is front and center for the platform’s young users. Each Yubo Live involves one to 10 users who can stream at once. An unlimited number of users can join to view the livestream and interact via real-time comments.

Every day, Yubo users can choose from thousands of user livestreams. Users can sort livestreams by language, interest, or number of participants. Streamers enjoy lively conversations, show off their talents, and tell engaging (and often laugh-worthy) stories. They also share their opinions on favorite topics, providing viewers with a window into their personalities.

Industry-Leading Real-Time Moderation

Yubo’s popular livestreams are a great way to get to know other users. At the same time, the company wants each Live to be free of harmful or inappropriate content. Toward this end, Yubo is the first top-tier social media platform to adopt real-time audio and video moderation. As with the company’s age verification system, this moderation instills confidence in users, parents, and caretakers.

Yubo’s dual moderation system relies on artificial intelligence (or AI) software. These digital tools analyze second-to-second livestream screenshots and perform lightning-fast audio transcription. If the AI filters detect a violation of the app’s Community Guidelines, a human Safety Specialist receives an alert. The Safety Specialists monitor the livestreams as well.

The AI tools and Safety Specialists are looking for inappropriate or potentially risky behavior. If this is detected, the Safety Specialist can issue a user warning, remove the content, and/or temporarily ban the user. Depending on the infraction, permanent bans at the device level, and law enforcement notification, could also be a selected course of action.

Yubo Emphasizes a High-Quality User Experience

Yubo’s focus on top-tier user experiences continues to include the introduction of new features and functionalities. At the same time, the company works to provide every user with safe online interactions regardless of the individual’s age. Together, these attributes will help Yubo to maintain its position as a major global social media platform.

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