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Easy ways to View Private Instagram Account without Following

Easy ways to View Private Instagram Account without Following

Easy ways to View Private Instagram Account without Following

People needed food, clothes, and shelter to survive and lead happy life in the old times. But now, one more item is added to the list: a social media account.

In the modern age, everyone wants to live a virtual life. They love to know what’s happening in others’ life and share theirs with them.

The best social media platform in today’s time that allows users to post or share photos, videos, and other crazy stuff is undeniably Instagram.

Here in this article, we will be telling you more about Instagram, the types of accounts in it, and ways to view a private Instagram account.

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So, without delaying a minute further, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this exciting article.

What is Instagram?

In recent times everyone has had an Instagram account. From everyone, we mean legit everyone, even pets & newly born babies (operated by their owners & parents).

This excellent photo-sharing platform has been used by around 500 million people per day around the globe.

This social media platform allows you to create eye-catching Instagram stories, trendy reels, upload pictures & videos, tag friends, use popular hashtags, and much more.

Instagram allows you can make three types of account –

  • Public Account- By making a public account, anyone with your profile ID can look up for you and view the pictures, videos, or stories posted by you without even following you.
  • Private Account- In a private Instagram account, there are certain restrictions. People who follow you can view the photos or the content posted by you on your Instagram.
  • Business Account- If you are running a business and want to sell your products by advertising them on Instagram. Then we highly recommend you switch to a business account as it will increase your customer traction and ultimately affect your sales.

It sometimes happens that you are not following a person or they haven’t accepted your request, but still, you want to view their private account.

Are you in a similar situation and looking for a viable solution? Then, this is the right place, where you will learn about different ways to view a private Instagram account.

Keep reading below!!

How to View a Private Instagram Account?

How to View a Private Instagram Account?

There are various ways to view an Instagram account that is kept private by the user –

  • The most effective and straightway to connect with a private Instagram account user is to send them a follow request. If they know you, they will accept your request; otherwise, it will be deleted or ignored by them.
  • If the above option doesn’t work, make a fake account using a female’s name, put up an eye-catching profile picture, username, and bio and send the follow request through it. You might wonder why we are telling you to do so? Because female profiles are likely to be accepted quickly than males.
  • You can look for that person on Google. Just open up your preferred chrome browser and type or paste the username of the account you want to spy upon. There are copies of previous posts in google that the user must have uploaded before making their account a private one.
  • You can use a private Instagram viewer after facing failures in viewing a private Instagram account in the options mentioned above. Yes, don’t be shocked!! Some tools and websites are there that assist you in spying on a private Instagram account. Jump up to the next heading below, as there we have various Instagram Viewer Tools.

Instagram Viewer Tools to View Instagram Private Account

The list of various Private Instagram Viewer tools is as follows –

This Instagram viewer tool or software is the best method to spy or view someone’s private Instagram account. It is the oldest spy tool and the most famous due to its easy interface and privacy features.

This tool is 100% safe & malware-free. For using this tool, click on this, and a website will open. You will see a ‘Spy Now‘ option written in a blue box on the screen; click on it.

A new webpage will open, type the username you want to spy upon & then hit on the start viewer option, and, within a blink of second results, will be there on your screen.

This is another famous tool to view a private Instagram account without even acknowledging them. This tool allows you to view the photos and videos of any account without any trouble or challenges.

It is a safe and secure tool with a simple user interface and works by simply clicking on this Once the website opens, click on the Spy Now option in red. In the box on the screen, enter the username and wait for the results to appear on the screen.

This is another famous private Instagram viewer that allows you to look at a person’s photos and videos on Instagram without following them. This software is compatible with all devices and is simple & safe to use and operate.

All you need to do is click on the link-, to reach the website of Private Insta. In the middle of the screen, you will find a box to enter the username you want to view the content of and then click on the ‘view private profile‘ option to enjoy.

It is an exciting tool that you can use to view the Instagram account of a user who owns a private account. This tool allows you to view photos or videos of a private Instagram account and export them in a .zip file.

For using this tool, click on- and you will be landed on its web page. On the screen, you will see ‘Access private profile viewer‘ written in a red box. Click on it and then enter the username you want to spy upon and click on ok to view the desired content.

This is another interactive and easy-to-use private Instagram Viewer tool used for stalking stories, photos, videos, and profiles of a private Instagram account.

This tool works perfectly fine on both ios & Android devices, and you will be able to use this tool by clicking on- to open the webpage.

In the centre of the webpage, type the Instagram username of the target and click on search. Confirm your target by looking at the details and enjoying spying on your target.

Gwaa is a private Instagram viewer tool and a trusted platform that allows you to target audiences and view Instagram account of others. This software is one of the best because it is free, 100% safe, and works individually.

To view a private Instagram account through this software, click on the link- A website will open and hit on the ‘Click to see private Instagram‘ option written in the white box in the centre of the screen. A new window will open, there on the screen; you will see three steps; follow them one by one to view the content of a private account.

Final Words

We have tried to provide you with the best possible insights about Instagram in general, types of accounts, ways to view a private Instagram account.

We have also shared the list of the best private Instagram viewer tools to assist you in your job. According to us, the best way is to send the following request, and if it’s not accepted, then only switch to other mentioned options.

So, what’s stopping you now? Try any of the above options to view the private account of the person you want to.

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