Definition Web Page

The document, which is part of a website link, also known as hyperlinks, is known as a web page to facilitate navigation between the contents.

Web pages get developed with markup languages ​​such as HTML, which can be interpreted by browsers. In this way, the pages can present information in different formats (text, images, sounds, videos, animations), be associated with style data, or have interactive applications.

Characteristics of a Web Page

  • It has textual information
  • Audiovisual material
  • Web page has an attractive design
  • It gets upgrade
  • It acts as a business card of a company, a specific person or professional


In recent years, given the advance and presence that the Internet has in our lives. Many are the companies that have started up and created their website. And they have discovered that it serves them to make themselves known to the world, to get new customers and. Therefore, to improve their economic results.

It is essential to know that to ensure that this online space is sufficient and allows us to achieve the objectives above. We have to consider a series of fundamental criteria.

Fundamental criteria

  • The web page must have an attractive design to be able to attract the user’s attention and makes it navigated. This attraction you have to offer quality information as well as materials of various kinds such as animations, videos, images.
  • You must also carry out the usual SEO strategy and optimization tasks with it. Only in this way will it be visible and known.
  • The web page must include links both to different sections of the same web page and to other spaces that may be of great interest to the user.
  • The web page must be easily navigable. This way, will the user be able to revisit her.

It is possible to distinguish between static web pages (whose contents are predetermined) and dynamic web pages (which generate content when requesting information from a web server through languages ​​interpreted as JavaScript).

A set of web pages, therefore, form a website. The pages are usually gathered under a common domain so that the site in question is accessible from the same Internet address.

The immense totality of pages that make up websites gives rise to what is known as the World Wide Web, Web, Network, or the Internet, which is the virtual universe where digital information from cyberspace gets gathered.