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What are Vehicle Fleets? – Definition, Types, and More

What are Vehicle Fleets? – Definition, Types, and More

Definition Vehicle Fleets

Vehicle fleets are the set of cars available to a company. From industrial vehicles used for logistics management, through others destined for commercial and even the daily use of cars of workers, hiring a fleet managed by a single supplier is usually the best solution for companies. Since it allows them to avoid constant worries about the vehicles.

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Also, the needs of a company verse to its fleet are varied, and in most of them. There are vehicles of different types (light industrial, heavy, SUVs, cars, derivatives). It means that managing all these variants, each with its peculiarities, requires direct contact with several manufacturers.

Here excellent communication needed between the client and the company that operates the fleet.

The Fleet Department is the result of combining the experience acquired within the different brands that compose it. In the general interest of customers, they formed a department in which customers can request information to facilitate the task that the maintenance of a fleet of vehicles entails.

Their main task is to manage all the requirements generated by their clients. They are providing solutions within the same line of criteria for easy and comfortable execution of the work. And always with the specialization and in-depth knowledge of the sector as a spearhead.

Within each of the brands that the Fleet Department works with and also they have specialized staff. That offers support to both the end customer and the department itself. Every day causes many changes and very fast, and always being at the forefront is teamwork.

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