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What is Vapor IO? – Definition, Initiatives, Types, and More

What is Vapor IO? – Definition, Initiatives, Types, and More


Vapor IO Definition

Vapor IO introduced the world’s first hyper collapsed and truly data defined data center solution.

Similarly, It is ready to lead our industry towards embracing the knowledge economy.

Through the open-source hardware and software, we’ve made the disaggregated data center a reality.

And also, It creates data driven data center environments.

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What are the initiatives of Vapor IO?

  • A new initiative of Vapor IO uses Edge Computing to bring colocation and data centers as platform services to the base of cell towers.
  • It has announced Project Volutus, which allows cloud providers, wireless carriers, and web-scale companies to provide cloud-based edge computing.
  • And also, accelerating the delivery of applications that appeared on the edge of the network, such as IoT, decentralized machine learning, and 5G wireless connection.
  • Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge incorporates unique SDN-based edge exchange and edge networking technologies, as the leading ecosystem of companies shaping the edge in the Kinetic Edge Alliance.

What are the types of Kinectic Edges in Vapor IO?

The types of Kinetic Edges in Vapor IO are:

Kinetic Edge of Exchange

  1. The Kinetic Edge of Exchange is direct, network-to-network data exchange happens as close as possible to your users.
  2. And also, Kinetic Edge facility allows to organize fine-grained and automated interconnection between agreements.

Kinetic Edge of Colocation

  1. The Kinetic Edge is Vapor IO’s highly-secured data center facility for deploying IT equipment at the edge of the wireless network.
  2. And also, Several facilities distributed across each major metropolitan area in critical locations, such as at the base of cell towers.

Kinetic Edge of Networking

  1. The SDN-based Kinetic Edge Fabric provides each customer with a virtual private network that can span an entire metropolitan area.
  2. Vapor IO maintains high-capacity fiber routes between all Kinetic Edge sites, as well as to third-party facilities for optimal flexibility.

Kinetic Edge of Ecosystem

  1. And also, The Kinetic Edge Alliance brings together the leading companies in edge computing to solve the critical challenges.

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