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What is Teradata? – Definition, Origin, Ability, And More

What is Teradata? – Definition, Origin, Ability, And More

Definition Teradata

Teradata Everywhere ™ is complemented by [Teradata] Borderless Analytics to enhance the transformation of companies and new business models. [Teradata] Database can get installed on any combination of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, [Teradata] Managed Cloud, VMware®, and [Teradata] IntelliFlex ™.

[Teradata], an international company, dedicated to the analysis of big data and marketing applications, announces a system that takes a massive parallel processing analytical database (MPP) to multiple public clouds, managed cloud and local environments. Including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, [Teradata] Managed Cloud, VMware®, and [Teradata] IntelliFlex ™. According to the company, this is the most potent database analysis in the world.

At the same time that companies are moving towards hybrid cloud architectures, [Teradata] offers users the possibility to choose and ensure the compatibility of databases through the implementation modes. “[Teradata] Everywhere offers the flexibility to implement a hybrid architecture with a common database that allows the transfer of workloads between environments according to needs, supporting the change in the strategy of companies and their economic needs,” the company writes in a statement.

To offer optimal performance in the deployment options, [Teradata] is improving the features of the [Teradata] Database. The new MAPS architecture provides elasticity to expand or reduce the size of data storage to suit the needs of companies. MAPS will also offer greater competitiveness and a more consistent performance of tactical consultations. Also, the [Teradata] Database’s Adaptive Optimizer will automatically adjust to your host environment to provide the most efficient consultation plans, fastest execution, and most efficient system utilization.


[Teradata] Corporation was formed in 1979 in Brentwood, California, as a collaboration between researchers at Caltech and Citibank’s advanced technology group. It provides database and analytics-related software, products, and services.

[Teradata] Database can get installed on any combination of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, [Teradata] Managed Cloud, VMware®, and [Teradata] IntelliFlex ™.

“It’s about the consumer’s choice without sacrifice. Companies need their data and analytics environment to be agile, multifaceted, and flexible,” says Oliver Ratzergerger, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer of [Teradata]. “Thanks to [Teradata] Everywhere, [Teradata] Database can be implemented in local environments and the cloud. Therefore, [Teradata] leads the industry by offering this functionality, regardless of the combination. Also, companies can concentrate their efforts on the execution of their analysis to improve their business. Rather than the engineering compatibility between their environments.”

The company adds that the [Teradata] Database is the first customizable MPP analytical database in multiple public and managed clouds, VMware virtualization, and devices. Teradata Everywhere is available worldwide and allows performance on the following Teradata Database systems in:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Managed Cloud in Germany
  • VMware, IntelliFlex ™
  • MAPS architecture
  • Adaptive Optimizer.


The ability of an organization to manage, analyze, and provide value with the data will depend on the optimal management of information. That can also improve by having platform options that businesses can adapt to changing needs. Says Dan Vesset, GVP, Analytics and Information Management at IDC. “The platform options ensure that technology does not get in the business because having different possibilities helps adapt and correct data management.”

“Having the same Teradata Database with the same functions and SQL in our local IDW and Teradata Managed Cloud provides us with a test system that also serves as a disaster recovery system, without using physical space in the data center or management resources?” Says Brian Tournier, Director of BI Technology & Infrastructure at Meredith Corporation. “Adding the same Teradata Database in the public cloud will give us a perfect hybrid environment to deal with maximum loads efficiently or new applications without budgeting for excess capacity.”

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