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With increased innovation, home lighting mechanisms have undergone massive revolutions. Indeed, these are the days when lighting systems do more than just illuminate your rooms and enable you to see things. We now have smart lighting mechanisms that go beyond that to facilitate many of the daily activities.

One such lighting systems, is the Philips Hue. But just what is it? How beneficial is it or can it be to your home? Well, we devote the entire length and breadth of this article to do just that. We shall even go a step further to showcase how to deploy for your use.

What is a Philip Hue ?

Philips hue is a smart lighting mechanism that simply enables you to control the lighting mechanisms of your home wirelessly. Among some of the roles, it has the ability to play are waking you, enhancing your own safety, improve your moods, and energize your bodily faculties, to name but a few!

How to use Philip Hue (Step-by-Step Procedures)

To be able to enjoy the benefits that the lighting system has to provide, you no doubt have to set it up for use. Below are the steps you ought to follow to be able to do that:

Step I: Set up the bridge

It is the bridge that accommodates the individual lighting bulbs and subsequently enables you to see at night or in times of extremely low illumination. You have to set it up as a matter of priority. The steps below will help you to get the job done:

  • Plug the bridge into the power socket
  • Hook the bridge to the router via the Ethernet cable
  • Engage the switch and note its impacts
  • After the bulbs light, activate the Hue Bridge in the Philips Hue app

Step II: Slot the bulbs in their place

With the bridge firmly fixed, it is now time to slot the bulbs in their respective places. You can check some of the best bulbs or lamps recommendations for Philips hue at decent home decor. Remember, it is the bulbs that convert the electrical signals into visible light. They are generally pretty delicate and hence have to be handled with care. The steps below will definitely get the job done for you:

  • Check the Philips Hue Bridge to ensure that it is all set up
  • Add the lighting bulbs in the system. To do this, go to Settings >> Light setup >> Add light
  • Search for the serial number of the bulb that you want to fix. Try a manual approach if the search fails.
  • Name your light appropriately and assign a bulb to each room

Step III: Download and/or activate the Philips Hue app

The Philips Hue is best utilized remotely by use of the smartphone apps. To leverage this end, you have to download the app on your iOS or Android smartphones. The app is self-explanatory in the sense that it will walk you through the entire steps that you have to go through to set it up. All you have to do is read and follow the steps to the letter.

Step IV: Sort the lights per room

Having paired your lights with the smartphone apps, you now have to sort the same out per room. By assigning, we mean you dedicate a bulb to each room and go-ahead to name the bulb as well. If possible, incorporate other utility services like the voice controls. These will no doubt facilitate the operations of the entire system after the same is wholly set up.

Step V: Set the bulbs as per your unique specifications

Move ahead now to set the themes of the bulbs as per your unique specifications. Themes here refer to the mix of colors and appearances that may enhance your interiors. The theme you select for the job no doubt has to rhyme with the color-combinations you are desirous of.

They should also line up with the weather and the environmental conditions that you personally fancy. This may be tricky as the themes are somewhat complicated and vary considerably from one place to another. Either way, make good use of the voice commands or the single taps.


As you may already deduce, the Philips Hue is an ingenious way of yielding the decent home décor over and above merely providing sufficient lighting for your rooms. You can never afford to gamble with it more so at this time when the field of electronics is undergoing a revolution. All the best as you set out for your own installations.

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