Nuage Networks Definition

Nuage Networks offers a unique combination of revolutionary technologies and unprecedented network connection experience for the business and telecommunications industries.

The newly launched company, based in Silicon Valley, has applied a radically new thought to the problem of providing massively scalable. And highly programmable SDN solutions with the security and availability required for critical business environments.

In addition, it is backed by the rapidly growing IP section of Alcatel-Lucent, has a track record of meeting the needs of the world’s largest clouds. The cloud promises and the mission of Nuage Networks are to help you keep your promises.


  • Agility and speed in the delivery of services: The installation of networks in SDN can be as easy and quick as creating instances of virtual machines. Unlike traditional networks, which are largely manual and highly configuration dependent, Nuage Networks allows network connectivity to function properly.
  • Control: The solution provides a common regulatory framework. Through which Numergy maintains full control and visibility of the IT infrastructure, minimizing manual intervention. And also, ensuring that performance is optimal and that meets predefined policies.
  • Network flexibility and global management: SDN facilitates “network experimentation” without impact. “Nuage Networks makes it possible for Numergy to bypass the traditional network restrictions of the traditional data center. And freely experiment with the new network configurations, which better support customer situations.
  • Cost reduction: Through greater operational efficiency, making optimal use of the resources of the center, and through the reduction of dependence on dedicated hardware and devices, Numergy expects to obtain significant economic benefits.

Nuage Networks VSP Platform

The Alcatel-Lucent company has presented its new Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) that will allow companies from sectors. Such as healthcare, banking, energy supply, and other market segments to expand their cloud services offering to provide Instant and also secure connectivity to multiple clients.

Features of the Nuage Networks VSP platform:

  • It provides an open solution, based solely on software, that works with the OpenStack, CloudStack and VMware cloud environments and with any datacenter network switching system.
  • And also, it facilitates seamless network connectivity in the data center and between data centers. As well as between corporate VPN networks and the data center.
  • It improves network utilization and efficiency by up to 40%, according to Bell Labs studies. Besides, by eliminating network connection restrictions it facilitates high mobility. And also, flexibility in locating computing workload, which generates a 40% improvement in the use of servers.
  • It allows the network to be available instantly, regardless of the application that is running.
  • It provides full programming capability using a set of standardized API interfaces in a clear and friendly IT language.
  • Based on the Alcatel-Lucent SR OS Services Router Operating System software with a background of 10 years of operation in critical business networks. Large scale and reliability, in 40 of the world’s largest operators.