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What Does a NOC Engineer Do? – Definition, Work Process and More

What Does a NOC Engineer Do? – Definition, Work Process and More

NOC Engineer

A NOC Engineer (Network Operations Centers) is responsible for monitoring, maintaining, and solving problems in telecommunications networks.

The NOC center is usually found in large companies that require constant supervision; however, growing companies also need to monitor their networks. And building an internal NOC can be very expensive due to technology investment and human capital represents.

Outsourced NOC Engineer services can be the ideal solution in a medium-sized. Or growing company to maintain adequate supervision of its networks without having to face enormous investment costs.

What is a Red NOC operations center?

A Network Infrastructure Operations Center (NOC) is the place where it manages the technology of a company. And also, where NOC Engineers works with specialization in network equipment, servers and security applications work to monitor data, solve problems, update information and implement continuous improvements.

A company needs to have one as it will depend on the health of its IT infrastructure and the correct fulfillment of the service to end-users.

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Work process of a NOC Engineer

A NOC engineer performs a wide variety of tasks aimed at ensuring the optimal operation of a network. This includes dealing with all kinds of events that range from the simple to the most complex, such as:

They are responsible for the central network to remain stable by configuring the hardware so that it makes the network more secure while preserving performance at optimal levels.

NOC Engineers are also responsible for monitoring user activity and ensuring that they make proper use of the networks by not making downloads that overload the servers or access dangerous sites.

They also install equipment, such as KVM, rack installation, IP-PDU configuration, and wiring in operation.

Characteristics of a NOC center

Some of the most distinctive features of a NOC center are the following:

  • The systems used emit alarms of different levels (low, medium, and critical) according to the seriousness of the matter in each area of the company, which allows continuous and thorough control of the network.
  • It represents the alarms in a visual/audible format, and according to their level, they are sent via email to groups of administrators or specific clients.
  • The system is alert 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, monitoring the stability and security of the network, its infrastructure and the equipment operating in it.
  • The NOC scales and delegates the incidents hierarchically in a pre-established period. Then the upper level is informed to start the problem resolution process.

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