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What is InterNIC? – Definition, Functions, And More

What is InterNIC? – Definition, Functions, And More

Definition InterNIC(Network Information Center)

The Network Information Center, also known as InterNIC from 1993 until 1998, was the organization primarily responsible for Domain Name System domain name allocations and X.500 directory services.

What is NIC or InterNIC?

It is the dependency that each country has authorized, so that be in charge of keeping the registry of all territorial domains, and it is the only authorized agency in the world to carry out the registration procedures for domains and IP addresses. In every country, there is a unit in the case of Argentina:,; Chile:, Peru:; Mexico:; Spain:, etc.

InterNIC, from the English “Internet Network Information Center,” was the organization responsible for domain names and IP’s until September 18, 1998. After that, ICANN was in charge of these functions.

Currently, InterNIC is an agency under the Department of Commerce of the United States and is responsible for the management, among others, of the .com and .net domains.

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More information at InterNIC

On many occasions, we have heard the term Internic the same means Internet Network Information Center. It is responsible for names of the domains that exist and also for their registration in the ICANN, which stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Every time we acquire an area, it is mandatory to register it with this body, so that it gets authenticated.

All domains must be registered. Every time we buy one of them, we must make a contract where the name is our property. As well as the extension that it has, which can be, etc. Subsequently, after having bought said domain, me by registering a said domain with ICANN, this service is not free. Still, it is not so expensive either, since it is approximately 2 dollars.

It is a governmental body

It is responsible for all domain names that exist on the internet; in addition to these names, it also assigns to IP addresses. Currently, this body does not have this task; since 1998, the job that InterNIC did to ICANN got replaced.

For registrations in ICANN, the companies that sell domains and other services such as hosting, for example, are those that automatically register the domain that we have purchased. The cost of the said procedure gets added to our account. But there are also other ways to access ICANN, which is through the site.

The registration of the domain is simple, it can be done in a particular way or include said registration so that it is carried out by the company that has sold us the domain, which already sells us both service, domain and registration.

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