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Ways to find the owner of a domain name

Ways to find the owner of a domain name

Website creation or development for one’s business or any other purpose requires a domain name. It is essential for an individual to seek the availability of a domain name in order to purchase and book it. But what exactly is a domain name? A domain name is basically the exclusive address for a website. A domain name typically consists of a domain name extension and a website name.

A business strengthens branding and makes the user interface feasible with a memorable domain. Users can learn useful information about a domain name owner by finding out who owns the domain name. In order to contact someone to purchase the domain name, the information often contains an email address, name, and contact details.


  • Most of the time, the owner of the website and the domain are the same.
  • Finding the owner of a website is simple if you know who owns the domain name and vice versa.

There are many ways to find domain name owners. Let’s explore some of the alternative ways to find the owner of a domain name:

1. Method 1: To find the domain name owner

The first step is to start with the website and visit the domain. By doing so, one would be able to tell if the domain is being used to host a website or not. On the landing page, they can also locate the contact details of people who own domain names.

Note: This alternative must be skipped and move forward to the next step in the domain registration history if the domain is already registered and the website is not yet active.

2. Method 2: Domain check

This step involves searching the domain registration history with the motive to acquire a cheap domain name, registration, renewal, and transfer domain name.

This management of ownership and name registration is done by ICANN. The procedure is to simply enter the domain name a user is looking for to access the WHOIS directory and find all the information listed.

The information includes information such as:

  • Domain registration date.
  • Domain expiration date.
  • Domain renewal.

A WHOIS search must be run to discover the owner of a website using domain registration history.

The steps include:

  • Visiting the WHOIS ICANN website.
  • Typing the domain name to be searched.
  • Finally selecting look up.

Note: If the user does not find a phone number or email address listed, the domain has probably been registered privately.

Method 3: Contacting the domain registrar

The WHOIS website offers all the details of the domain name’s registration location. Once all other alternatives have been exhausted, the user can get in touch with the domain registrar where the domain name is stored.

Note: A user wouldn’t be able to search up any personal information if the privacy feature is enabled while registering the domain name. Registrars still have the power to exercise certain obligations if a domain has been used for unlawful purposes.


There are numerous domains registered continuously, as well as numerous other combinations that are not. It can be difficult to find the desired domain name that hasn’t previously been registered. Proper research and unique imagination may help discover various methods for locating domain name owners and alternative domains that are ideal for the business firm.

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