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What is Ethernet? – Definition, Uses, Features, and More

What is Ethernet? - Definition, Uses, Features, and More

Ethernet Definition

Some people may already have picked up the term “Ethernet” somewhere. But very few people know what this is all about.

There is this technology for years, and lately, it is receiving more and more attention. In this article, we explain what Ethernet is all about and why it’s getting more and more critical.

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How is Ethernet used?

  1. With the help of it, it is possible to transport data within a closed network from one terminal to another. All it takes is Ethernet-enabled devices connected.
  2. For example, you can send photos or videos from a computer to a smart TV or even send documents from your PC to the printer, another PC, or an external storage device.
  3. For such a connection or transmission, an Ethernet cable is necessary. Most of them are likely to know this cable under the term LAN cable.
  4. This cable connects a device to the router. It acts as an interface within the network and combines all the tools it contains with each other.

What are the structures of Ethernet?

It fixes up in, two groups of components are required: the “Data Communication Equipment” (DCE in short) and the “Data Terminal Equipment” (DTE in short).

The Ethernet cable

What are the differences between Wi-Fi and Ethernet?

The decision with Ethernet or Wi-Fi has been a fair shake for years. On paper, Ethernet is a lot faster.

What are the advantages of Ethernet?

After all, wireless connections have some advantages over the often-used cable clutter of the past. The benefits of it over a WLAN are:

  1. An optimally structured Ethernet network is independent of the Internet connection.
  2. Thus, this technology allows reliable data transmission, which remains untouched by Internet failures.
  3. Especially in companies, therefore, one often decides on this technology.

What are the disadvantages of Ethernet?

The only disadvantage is that collisions in the data exchange can still occur. It can then falter, and the time of the data exchange extends accordingly.

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