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What is Cyber Crime? – Definition, Functions, Types and More

What is Cyber Crime? – Definition, Functions, Types and More

Definition Cyber Crime

It is best to start with a basic definition:

[Cybercrime] is all that criminal activity in which the Internet is the means to commit it.

The number of [cybercrime]s that takes place every year is enormous.

It will increase in the coming years.

Why does this happen

Today, we all live permanently connected to the Internet. Either: For work.

To manage our economy and finances or for entertainment and leisure.

To search for information of any kind on Google, everything is done through the Web. And also the more technology advances in this regard, the easier it is for anyone skilled enough to take advantage of the situation.

In short, anyone who depends on the Internet can be a victim of [cybercrime]. That is why it is so important to know how to cover your back by applying cybersecurity.

The most common types of cybercrime 

Identity theft

Impersonating another user’s identity is one of the most common [cybercrime] practices. The objective of this crime can vary between damaging the reputation of an individual or an organization, to obtain economic benefits, through taking advantage of services paid by the victim and enjoying the offender.


Another of the most common case  [Cybercrime]s are made with categorized data for the victim and ask for a ransom for them. In most cases of such crimes, we find vindictive pornography (threatens to publish intimate images or videos). It is an evil of our time that is worth fighting.


Unfortunately, many hustlers take advantage of the most seized people to scam them. And also Before making any online payment, make sure you are using a legal page, and that the people behind it are real.


Cyberbullying or harassment by a cybercriminal. The objective of this practice is usually to cause damage and harm the image of a particular person or organization through social media publications or spreading fake news.

Cyber ​​espionage

This type of computer attack focuses on the theft of classified information, but without the victim being aware of it. And also It can aim to collect personal data about someone in particular or an organization.


We enter a more complex and dangerous environment. The objective of this practice is a hard threat to a specific population and way of life. I am referring to computer attacks capable of nullifying the defense systems of a country, or its energy supply network.

These are the main crimes that we face day after day all, those who work in the field of cybersecurity. They are real headaches, especially for victims.

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