What is Adobe Sign? – Definition, Features, And More

Definition Adobe Sign

Adobe sign or Electronic signatures are a simple step on your way to digital transformation. When choosing your solution, make sure it can take the entire document into account, not just the signatures. The best option is a complete solution for digital documents that have the intelligence, technology, and security that only Adobe can offer.

What are Digital Signatures?

The digital signature is the most advanced and secure type of electronic signature, which allows you to fulfill the most demanding legal and regulatory requirements by offering you the highest levels of security regarding the identity of each signer and the authenticity of the documents they sign.

Digital signatures use a certificate-based digital ID that is issued by an accredited certification authority (CA) or trusted service provider (TSP). In this way, when you sign a document digitally, your identity is exclusively linked to you, the signature is associated with the record through encryption, and everything can get verified with the underlying technology that we know as “public key infrastructure” (PKI). 

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Fortune 500 Companies Trust Adobe Sign

International brands such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Deloitte, MasterCard, and Verizon are undergoing digital transformations. And they are delivering unique experiences with [Adobe Sign] and Adobe Document Cloud.

Integral solution

Adobe Sign drives every step, from start to finish.

Create a fully digital document workflow with Adobe Sign. In this way, you will streamline and facilitate each step of your document or signature workflows. It doesn’t matter if you have to approve a purchase order internally confirm the delivery of a digital document or get an agreement legally signed. Adobe Sign has all the functions you need to provide simple experiences to senders, approvers, and signatories by the same.

Better integrations

Integrations with our partners enhance productivity.

Adobe Sign and other Document Cloud solutions work with the tools you already use, as we partner with leading companies like Microsoft and Salesforce. Adobe Sign is Microsoft’s preferred electronic signature solution. That means you can perform even more tasks in your favorite Microsoft Office 365 apps. As well as in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft SharePoint. You can also close deals faster and easier with it in Salesforce. Plus, It lets you speed up RR processes. Since it gets previously integrated into the Workday Business Process Framework.

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