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Data Privacy and Protection Made Simple [2024]

Data Privacy and Protection Made Simple [2024]

Data Privacy and Protection – Did you know that data thefts hit an all-time high figure in 2023, and the cybercrimes ratio has been on the same track even in 2024? What do you think was the main reason behind that? Organizations failed to maintain a good cyber-hygiene environment and ultimately paid a huge price.

One thing is clear; business data is still facing the highest levels of vulnerability, and businesses relying on weak data security protocols will pay the price sooner or later. But, do you know there is a way to protect your precious business data from cyberattacks and that too at high affordability?

Virtual data rooms, one of the most prolific additions to secure business data management solutions, have just revamped the data security practices around the globe. Read on if you want to know how a virtual data room keeps your business data safe.

How secure are virtual data rooms?

Before moving directly to virtual data room security, here is a brief introduction to data room software.

Virtual data rooms are cloud-based data storage platforms where you can safely store your personal or business data in any globally recognized format, such as images, documents, videos, and audio.

Generally, data room services are ranked amongst the most secure data storage platforms. That’s because of certified virtual data room vendors who comply with the globally accepted data security standard ISO 27081 for cloud storage.

It is no hidden fact that ISO is the biggest developer of international standards for data security, quality assurance, and other affairs. Any solution certified by ISO is considered reliable. Virtual data room service providers comply with ISO 27001, ISO 27081, FINRA, SOC2, etc. making them extremely secure for data storage.

The best thing about online data room software is that they provide data security from internal threats as well. Let’s have a look at how a data room protects your precious documents.

Data Privacy and Protection – Virtual data room

A data room ensures maximum data protection at various levels in different ways. Here is how.

1. Document security

  • Document access and permission settings. A certified virtual data room helps protect your document through “view only” mode, restricting users from editing, printing, saving, or downloading that particular file. You can either activate this feature generally or for specific users.

Furthermore, a file creator or data room management can restrict one or more users from accessing any document(s), folder, or specified sections/pages of a file. What’s more, VDR administration or file owner can revoke document access anytime, and the file will be wiped off the user’s device immediately.

  • Robust data encryption methods (256-bit). Data encryption is another security layer that protects data during storage and sharing. Users encrypt files before uploading or sharing them. However, generally, the file is encrypted, not the data in it, which still leaves files vulnerable to cyber attacks. Virtual data rooms help you encrypt files and the data inside them.
  • Digital/dynamic watermarking. Digital watermarks are markers or sort of stamps embedded in the documents. Watermarks can be audio, image, video, text, or a signature. Digital watermarks are useful in tracking all the activities, such as edits, modifications, or other changes in a watermarked document. It can help trace the original creator of the file, thus minimizing the chances of copyright disputes.
  • Fence view. Fence view is another mind-blowing feature, and it is amongst the latest ones. Once you activate the fence view mode on any documents, they cannot be scanned or photographed.

2. Data room security

  • Two-step verification. A two-step verification feature is found in any high-quality virtual data room. In fact, it must be a very basic security feature. Two-step verification means any user has to go through two security checks to get access to the data room. Generally, a user has to enter a secret password and a code (sent to the mobile number of the email address) that is generated every time a user attempts a login.
  • Multi-step authorization. Multi-step authorization feature is used when a user attempts to log in from a new device. It generally includes asking the users to verify some of the latest activities they performed in the VDR. In short, this feature makes sure that even if a password is compromised, the hacker still has to answer a few questions before getting entry into the data room.
  • Selective permission settings. Virtual data room administration can set user roles within the VDR. For example, if a person needs access to financial documents only, the administration can restrict that user from accessing any other file or section in the VDR.
  • Audit logs/trails. Audit logs are very effective when it comes to virtual data room’s internal security. How could you know what has happened in the VDR? Audit logs give you detailed reports on all the activities or transactions performed in your data room. It includes the details on how much time did a user spend on documents, any changes made in files, group chats, and whatnot.
  • Remote device purging. Do you know that you can protect your VDR data even if you lose a device connected to the data room? The remote purging feature allows the data room management to purge or delete a device from the VDR and all the data room files inside it.
  • Customizable NDAs. Virtual data room management can ask permanent or guest users to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) to prevent data leaks. Fortunately, VDRs provide you with built-in, customizable templates for NDAs; you don’t have to create lengthy agreements from scratch.

Final words

Data Privacy and Protection – Cyber-attacks will remain the biggest concern for organizations around the globe in 2023. In fact, cybercrimes peaked in the year 2023 due to a lack of data security awareness in the business fraternity. Using virtual data room software for your sensitive business data protection is a decision you won’t regret. Here is more about virtual data rooms at

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