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Five Common Laptop Issues That You Can Easily Fix Yourself

Five Common Laptop Issues That You Can Easily Fix Yourself

In today’s world, information technology has deeply seeped into most areas of human life. A modern human being cannot imagine a life without gadgets and electronic appliances. We are in the era of portable devices, which have been of significant help in making lives more comfortable. One of the widely used electronic devices is a laptop. Mobility, compact size, being light-weight are few characteristics which have contributed to the prevalent use of Laptop across the globe.

It would not be wrong to say that some people’s lives revolve around a laptop. A lot of people earn their living on it, and many firms save essential and private information on these portable devices. For some people, a laptop is their office, and they perform all their tasks on them. It gives them the ability to open the office from anywhere at any time. COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt, and a lot of firms have switched their working to work-from-home mode.

Technology has made it possible, and it has also brought some semblance of normalcy. The rise in work-from-home has been conducive to increasing the usage of laptops. It is a common fact that people use notebooks extensively, but they may not be technically savvy enough to be familiar with all the malfunctions or standard errors.Such common mistakes are usually incomprehensible for a layperson. So a natural reaction to the breaking down of one’s Laptop is utter horror and panic. Computer repair businesses solve these issues and charge a fee for their service.  However, the good news is that there are several ways of fixing these issues that people can do by themselves.

Here we are putting down a few commonly faced laptop issues that are easy to address on your own:

#1. Stuck Or Broken Keyboard Keys

One broken or stuck key on the keyboard makes even a simple task of writing an email difficult. There could be numerous reasons that keys get stuck all of a sudden. Debris on a keyboard often slow down and eventually stop the functions of keys. A quick solution is to spray compressed air, which removes the debris and loosens the keys. If you end up breaking a key, the first step is to clean the space around and under that key, then position the key retainer properly and firmly with metal hooks. The last step is to place the key cap and press it smoothly, and the key will start functioning. However, for complicated and harder to tackle laptop issues, you have to contact a professional company that can repair your Laptop at a reasonable charge. For example, companies like the Geek Squad of Calgary can guide you well on the technical issue you are facing with your Laptop.

#2. Slow Internet

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow Internet connection as it interrupts your browsing experience. The slowing down of the Internet could be a laptop issue or a problem with the Internet Service Provider. The first step is to ensure that the problem is with the Laptop. Try restarting the router, repositioning the router closer to your computer, and closing a few applications. Clearing out the history and tabs from the browser also increases the speed of the Internet and should be a regular practice for a user.  If the Internet is still crawling, then upgrading software or running a scan for viruses and malware will help.

#3. Strange Noises

It is not uncommon that a laptop starts producing strange noises on its own, and people find themselves at a loss because they can’t understand or figure out the root cause. The sounds indicate either hardware malfunction or a noisy fan. A simple way to diagnose the issue is to switch the Laptop off and then remove or disconnect the hard drive. If the noise persists, then it could be the laptop fan. Noisy fan means that the computer is overheated. Putting it to rest for a few minutes and cleaning the laptop fan helps in reducing the noise. On the other hand, if the problem is with the hard drive formatting might help, but it will erase the data stored on it. A wise step is to save date elsewhere before formatting.

#4. Unexpected Reboots Or Shutdowns

Sudden reboots of laptops are nerve-wracking as it does not only break the flow of work but also may lead to data loss. A virus or malware could be the reason for shutting down the system without any warning. Installing a verified virus scanner help in detecting and deleting corrupt files. An overheated battery could also lead to the sudden shutdown of the Laptop. Unplugging the power and giving it a rest for a few minutes helps in fixing the issue. If the problem persists, its time to replace that battery. Another reason for restarting of computer is an outdated version of windows, and updating the windows is the most natural solution.

#5. Laptop Freezing

The freezing of the Laptop disrupts the momentum to a lesser extent but is still annoying. Sometimes it slows down before coming to a halt, while other times it freezes right away. Either way, it is natural to feel agitated as it ruins the mood of the user. A quick fix is to manually restart the computer, which may solve the momentary issue but will not fix the underlying problem. Another way is to delete the problematic software or files by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del altogether, opening the Task Manager screen, and terminating the problematic application by selecting the “End Task” option.By pressing and holding down the power button, shuts down the system without losing the data and may fix the issue. If all fails, a hard reset of the Laptop may eliminate the cause of the hanging.


Laptops are versatile machines, and its no wonder users want to use them often and for long duration’s without an interval. Whether for personal use or work use, laptops are generally not handled properly and are used to the maximum of their abilities. Breaking down of a computer during an important task is a common occurrence. While some issues need professional and technical support, many problems can efficiently be dealt with by users. Many a time, users need a quick solution or workaround to get them going, which is what we tried to cover in this article.

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