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Cognitive Test: How Important it is for Recruitment Programs?

Cognitive Test: How Important it is for Recruitment Programs?

In short, a cognitive assessment measures the intelligence of an individual. It measures the capability to reason, solve problems, understand ideas, and learn swiftly. In contrast, behavioural assessment, which is also a vital part of the recruitment process, plays a role in understanding of how employees behave in work conditions and their natural tendencies towards the personnel selection process.

Cognition or intelligence is actually a rather broad concept and it includes many types of capabilities. It is a lot more nuanced than a simple IQ (intelligence quotient) score. Mathematical and verbal skills are the abilities most characteristically tested. Once you have a cognitive assessment test for recruitment in your program, you can make sure that you get the best talent out of the gathered candidates for your business.

You know general cognitive ability appears to be relevant to work performance even when job particulars vary. In other words, though skill requirements vary greatly among diverse jobs, general cognitive ability play a role to success in many fields, mainly for jobs having complex responsibilities. It is simply because people having greater cognitive ability incline to learn new tasks in a quicker manner and they absorb new information more willingly.

Once used with a behavioral assessment, a cognitive assessment is helpful in assuring hiring decisions that are in the finest interest of the organization and the selection of people with the highest chance of success.Anyhow for your information following are a few of the many ways a Cognitive Assessment can help your recruitment.

Cognitive assessment is helpful in avoiding bad hiring decisions

It is true that these tests help in making the right decisions and dodging the wrong ones. It can be extremely pricy if you end up making the wrong decisions. According to a research as much as eighty percent of staff turnover is credited to poor hiring decisions. The point is that if you end up making a recruitment that is not in the interest of the business, it would be a big loss for you. It would not just cost you a lot of money but wastage of efforts and time too.

The test helps substitute for inadequate information garnered from references

Yes, since more references provide only the basics and shrink back from giving an honest appraisal, companies look for fresh sets of ways to obtain information for a more complete assessment. These tests help the recruiters to know maximum possible about the candidates and then make a decision. After all, making a decision on partial knowledge is harmful for the overall decision making. What if you get to know through the resume that the candidate has many degrees but when in practical situation, after recruiting him, you find him lacking behind at everything? It would feel like a practical joke on you right? The point is you have to be attentive and take all the measures before you recruit a candidate.

Reliable Instruments

You know cognitive assessment instruments have been verified and found to be really reliable and statistically valid for a huge range of jobs. Furthermore, validity enhance along with the greater complexity of more demanding jobs. Since the assessments can be administered in a meagre fifteen minutes or so, they make a great contribution to evaluating applicant suitability to the job and that too not slowing the selection and hiring procedure. Of course, the single test would filter the better ones right away.

All the good ones would get selected for the next round of recruitment program. It is true that these tests have natural benefits in terms of ease and low price of administration. Many applicants can be evaluated simultaneously in groups. The tests can easily be scored rapidly by computer scanning tools.

Impartial in nature

These aptitude tests are impartial by nature. They would always get the right results. The test is the same for all the candidates gathered therein. Their performance will determine their selection. If they perform well only then they can get into the next level of recruitment. Otherwise, it is not possible to get through for the next segments. Moreover, remember that the tests have no influence of anyone belonging to recruitment program. These tests are pre-designed by professionals in the industry.


The quality of cognitive tests is always good. But again it is better you think before you choose a test package. You have to make sure that the test is in relation with your job designation. Otherwise too there are general aptitude tests that can be used for all the candidates. You have to find out how good the test and only then use it. If the test is good it is going to get you the filtered candidates for your business. In this way you would get the best employees working for you.

Time and money-saving

These cognitive tests are really time and money-saving. A single test would evaluate so many candidates in a single shot. All the applicants will be evaluated in the most effective way. There would be no time wastage once there is the proper execution of this test. The test would measure all the candidates in a single slot. In this way only the ones who perform well and prove their mettle will go to the next rounds.

Moreover, the test is money saving too because you have to spend on it only once and you can use the test many times. You can use it for back to back recruitment programs. It means if you are using the test currently in the on-going recruitment program, you can use it in the next recruitment programs too. In this way, there would be fun and enjoyment for sure. You can save a lot of time and money through this recruitment test.


Thus, the cognitive tests would tell a lot about the candidates and their caliber. It is a boon for the recruiters. The recruiters can easily recruit candidates with ease and affectivity.

These skills tests help the recruiters to know the maximum possible about the candidates and then make a decision.

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