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CISA Certification Guide: Step By Step

CISA Certification Guide: Step By Step

CISA Certification Guide: Step By Step

CISA stands for certified information auditors and it is one of the most recognized certificates for security system audit controls, security professionals, and assurance. It is offered by ISACA (information systems audit and control association) and is designated for IT and IS auditors for evaluating the issues and security threats. It is a globally recognized certification and is one of the few certifications designed for IT auditors.

Requirements for certification

To apply for CISA Training in Reading, one should have at least 5 years of experience in controlling and securing information systems in the past ten years. If you don’t have five years of experience then you can qualify under these exemptions

  • A maximum of one year experience of IS and one year of Non-IS auditing experience
  • Two years degree which can be submitted for one to two years experience
  • A masters degree in IS or IT which is equivalent to one-year experience

If you have completed any other degree or have qualifications with significant IS control, auditing, and securing systems, you can apply to the CISA certification committee for consideration.

How to become a CISA certified ?

Apply for the CISA exam

The very first step toward getting CISA certification is to register yourself first for the exam. If you think that CISA certification is good for your carrier then go ahead and apply for it.

Start preparation

You cannot pass and get this certification just by appearing in the exam. if that’s so easy then everyone should have to get it. If you want to get this certification, you should have to prepare for it. Go through the syllabus from an official source and know the different means by which you can cover this syllabus perfectly. Understanding every point is important because cramping will not help you in passing this exam. The best way to do so is to join a group and participate in debates on different topics. When you feel you have covered enough syllabus, go ahead and solve practice papers to know where you are lacking and which points still need more attention.

Syllabus for CISA exam

There are five domains in the CISA exam syllabus. You should know about all and cover them effectively. These domains are how the exam is divided into five parts.

  1. Protection of the information assets (25%)
  2. Process of auditing IS (21%)
  3. IS operations, maintenance, and support (20%)
  4. IS acquisition, development, and implementation (18%)
  5. Governance and management of IT (16%)
  6. Complete the CISA Exam

The CISA Exam

This exam happens three times every year. The exam covers 150 multiple choice questions and a total of 4 hours for attempting the exam. The passing score is 450 and anyone can appear in this exam who meets the requirements and pay registration fees. The exam is divided into five parts that are already discussed above. You are tested in all these parts and those who pass are the exam can get CISA certification and broaden their carrier and enjoy new perks.

Maintain CISA certification

To maintain your CISA certification by paying the maintenance fees and fulfilling the CPE requirements. You will need to have a minimum of 20 contact hours per year and 120 contact hours per 3 years in a fixed period. The annual maintenance CISA certification cost for ISACA members is $45 and non-ISACA members are $85.

How long does it take to get the Certification?

If you already have the required work experience to fulfill the requirements then you can get your certification as you take and pass the exam. If you feel ready, schedule your test and go for it. The passing ratio for this exam is almost 50%. So, get prepared first and then go for your attempt.

Now, you know all about CISA certification, so go ahead and start preparing for getting your certification.

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