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Reasons Why Business Walkie Talkies can help you!

Reasons Why Business Walkie Talkies can help you!

Business Walkie Talkies

Many have dismissed the utility of walkie talkies for business in recent years with the mobile phone uprising.

However, many industries are still using walkie talkies for reliable, fast and easy communication between members of staff over long ranges. For example, security staff at large-scale events as well as bars and clubs are almost always equipped with a walkie talkie to hand.

Walkie talkies – or two way radios as they can be named – are reliable, secure, easy to use, purpose built, cheaper and more durable than the alternatives.

Reliable and easy to use

To communicate from device to device on a mobile phone a signal on both devices is required. This signal can oftentimes be poor on one and strong on another or not be there at all. Two way radios on the other hand deliver consistent, clear and reliable reception for your staff to communicate over long ranges and for good options I would heed over to The Walkie Talkie Guide for more of what is best in 2020.

Further, you’re not limited to communicating with just one other device either – something which can be quite fiddly to set up on multiple mobile phones. If all your communication devices are synced up to the same frequency you can communicate to groups of staff wherever they are with ease.

Durable and built for purpose

Walkie talkies are manufactured specifically to be used in tough environments. They’re long-lasting and won’t smash if dropped with plastic often making up the bulk of the device. Many are waterproof and come equipped with clips which can attach to users in order to ensure safekeeping.

Mobile phones are amazing devices but also extremely distracting. Notifications pop up which have nothing to do with work and can break concentration, something which for your workings may be crucial at all times. These devices are designed to do one thing and that’s communicate, there’s no distractions. You can help keep your staff focussed without having to be right next to them, simply by using walkie talkies.

Plenty of walkie talkies come with headsets and security codes for private communications no matter the range as well as rechargeable batteries so that you’re never unprepared.

Cheaper and more cost-effective

Walkies require a one-time payment and that’s it, they’re good to go. Mobile phone contracts can be expensive and cost your business monthly. Saving this outgoing every month can be extremely handy in the long run, especially when you consider that the average lifetime of a two way radio device is 8-10 years.


A reliable, durable and cost-effective walky is crucial for any business which prioritises strong communication and clear delegation over long ranges. Options nowadays are abundant, with waterproofing, security codes, headsets, and increased range all being your choice. Strong and clear communication across all boards ensures maximum efficiency and less stress for both you and your staff.

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