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What is the Average Blockchain Developer Salary Around the World 2022?

What is the Average Blockchain Developer Salary Around the World 2022?

Blockchain Developer Salary

Blockchain development is steadily becoming one of the highest-paying programming occupations, with developers earning between $150,000 and $175,000 per year on average.

While numerous factors influence compensation, even early Blockchain coders can command a high salary.

It’s worth noting that the pay for Blockchain developers is rising globally as the demand for Blockchain engineers and developers grows. So get in Blockchain Certification Training for getting an on-demand job.

Key Takeaways:

  • Blockchain engineers frequently out-earn their peers who know other programming languages because Blockchain is one of the highest-paid programming fields.
  • Any amount of blockchain expertise is priceless. Starting salaries for blockchain developers are often in the six-figure range.
  • While American corporations pay the most because blockchain development is so remote-friendly, these jobs are generally available worldwide.

About the Blockchain Development

They are designing blockchain protocols and network architecture for centralizing and decentralizing data. A blockchain developer creates online apps and smart contracts and builds and optimizes the Blockchain.

Here are some salaries for Blockchain developers in different parts of the world. The figures may change depending on the exact location, size, demand spikes, and other things.

After completing the Blockchain Certification Training, the following are some salaries for Blockchain developers in various world areas. These figures can fluctuate depending on the geographic region, the company’s size, demand spikes, and other factors.

  • In India, the average annual compensation for a Blockchain developer is about 460000 p.a.
  • A Blockchain developer’s average annual pay in the United States is around $96,000 per Year.
  • A Blockchain developer’s average annual pay in the United Kingdom is around £68,000 per Year.
  • A Blockchain developer’s average annual pay in Singapore is roughly S$95,865 per Year.
  • A Blockchain developer’s average yearly pay in Canada is CAD 95,000 per Year.
  • In Germany, a Blockchain developer’s average annual compensation ranges from $6000 to $150000.
  • In Switzerland, the average yearly compensation for a Blockchain engineer is CHF 180,000 per Year.
  • According to the Blockchain Council, the average yearly pay of a Blockchain developer in China is from Standard 45,000 to 60,000 p.a. Directors and managers make between 60,000 and 120,000 dollars each Year.

Information at the granular level for several regions:

At this point in our evaluation, providing detailed statistics for multiple locations would be a wise option. Let’s take a look at Canada first.


According to and Payscale, junior blockchain developers earn 61 263 US dollars a year in Canada, while mid-level developers earn 85 769 US dollars. On average, the most experienced professionals get awarded 116 809 US dollars.

The United Kingdom (UK)

How is the situation in the United Kingdom?

The situation in the United Kingdom is currently less pleasant. According to Payscale, the typical British specialist’s pay is roughly 65 000 US dollars. According to Payscale, mid-tier blockchain developers earn $78 000 per Year.


India is quickly establishing itself as a Blockchain powerhouse. When compared to other places, salaries are, as one might expect, extremely low. Blockchain developers in India make an average of $6700 per year, according to It isn’t a mistake! The median income for blockchain developers in India, according to Glassdoor, is USD 6100. Even though India has a population of 2 million software developers, only 5000 of them have blockchain experience!

Here’s some more detailed information for India (salaries are in Rupees):

  • Bangalore: ₹619,000/Year
  • Mumbai: ₹707,000/Year
  • Delhi: ₹599,000/Year
  • Hyderabad: ₹500,000/Year
  • Pune: ₹883,000/Year
  • Chennai: ₹729,228/Year


In Australia, blockchain engineers make an average of 69 296 US dollars, rising to 103 945 US dollars as they get more expertise and cross the mid-level threshold; the most proficient developers earn around 134 174 US dollars.


According to Payscale and Glassdoor, entry-level developers in Western Europe earn $31,727 per year, which appears to be a bit low compared to other countries. Those who have worked in the industry for two to three years earn an average of $75 283 USD. Developers who got more than five years of expertise make around 95 118 each Year.

Experience and Skills can Make all the Difference:

If you are new to the Blockchain business and lack expertise, you should examine whether working with a mentor will be advantageous. Having someone with industry knowledge experience who can assist you advance in your career path can be highly beneficial.

If you want to work as a top Blockchain developer, you’ll also need to keep your abilities and education up to date.

Examine current job postings after the Blockchain Certification Training to understand what companies are looking for, and then look for further learning opportunities to make yourself a more appealing candidate.

Most Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are Blockchain Developers so well Compensated?

Blockchain developers are paid so well because the demand for their particular talents significantly outnumbers the supply available to meet it. It can be because Blockchain programming is a relatively new skill set, and thus most colleges do not offer a Blockchain programming course.

Is it challenging to learn Blockchain?

Learning Blockchain isn’t easy, and as a result, it’s complex and challenging to grasp. However, with the correct motivation, you can learn the fundamentals.

Is Python suitable for Blockchain Applications?

Python is an excellent language for Blockchain development since it’s scalable, dependable, and safe. Python is a high-performance and ascendable programming language ideal for blockchain development.

How long will it take you to figure out how to use Blockchain?

Professional Blockchain courses typically take 6-8 hours to complete. For example, Henry Harvin’s blockchain certification course takes roughly 32 hours of virtual instructor-led instruction to complete. Depending on the curriculum, some blockchain courses can take up to four months.


Because Blockchain is currently a trendy topic in the industry, it is good to get into Blockchain Certification Training. Having this expertise will set you apart from others in your field because you will have many options at your disposal.

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