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The Ultimate Guide For Buying Winter Tires Online Canada

The Ultimate Guide For Buying Winter Tires Online Canada

Buying Winter Tires Online Canada

The thought of driving during winter brings chills. The sliding and uncontrollable driving along the streets and other paths is simply just not cool. So, do you have to put in new tires each winter? What is the ultimate solution to avoid such experiences? Well, you can get winter tires online Canada easily by just a click of a button.

Considering having winter tires is a great option, you do not have to buy them each season since you can re-use them. Let us see how you can choose winter tires online Canada to avoid regular buying and enjoy a long-term service.

All-season Tires and Winter Tires

Although all-season Canada online tires are meant for all-weather, they are definitely not as efficient as those made for the weather. Let’s look at pros and cons of changing your all-weather tires to winter tires.


  • Winter tires have better traction
  • They prolong the lifespan of your all-season tires
  • They are a law requirement in some areas


  • Add an extra cost
  • It is time-consuming
  • The tires need a storage space after the season is over

Should You Switch to Winter Tires?

Before making the switch, consider:

  • Whether you are ready to spend on buying, installation, and storage prices
  • What is the snow density in your area? Does it make the area dangerous to drive?
  • Does your area have a mandatory requirement for winter tires?

Benefits of Winter Tires

All-weather tires have a good grip and provide good flexibility when the weather is 70C and higher. However, their traction and grip fall when the weather gets below this temperature. All-season tires become susceptible to breaking and cracking at this temperature.

But, you can still have a nice grip when you use winter tires and still enjoy flexibility below 70C. Their tread patterns also play a big deal in adding to the grip and the flexibility on the road.

Wheel Drive and Winter Tires

Most car owners mistaken 4-Wheel drive (4WD), electronic stability control, and antilock brake system for substituting winter tires. Truth is, they do not provide enough traction on snowy roads.

Tips for Buying Winter Tires

If you are now certain that you want winter tires for your ride, here is what you should look for when buying your tires online Canada;

Tires and Rims

These are the main components of a tire. Tires are the black parts made of rubber, while rims are the metallic structures found in the tire’s middle. Before choosing, you should be aware of the sizes you need so you don’t pick over-size or under-size rims or tires.

You can choose to buy tires alone or the complete set. If you go with tires alone, they are swapped in your existing rim, and when you buy the full set, the whole existing tire is removed and replaced with the new set.

It is recommended to buy same brand for your replacement tires since different tires are made from different materials and the wear may not be consistent.

Shop Early

Early shopping enables you to get the best winter tires online Canada selection. Do not wait for winter to creep in, as this is the time when most car owners and drivers are rushing to have their set. Due to the high demand, the supply may not have time to skim through the products, leaving you with poor quality tires. It means added expenses for winter tire purchase yearly due to a lack of longevity.

Look for the Logo

A logo of tire credibility for use in the winter is placed on each qualifying tire brand. Look for tires containing 3-peaked mountain/snowflake for a satisfying performance.

In other areas, these tires are expected to contain an (M+S) too. If you find this mark instead of the logo, the tires are incredible for winter. Often, they provide a tread depth of 3.5mm.

Studded Tires

These are prohibited in some areas, and you may want to check whether they are allowed in yours. The tires contain small metal studs that enhance the grip while on snow.

You should also note that these tires are not friendly on pavements and cause damages, which is why they are restricted in some areas.

Buy Canada online tires or visit a car accessories dealer in your area to find a selection of winter tires available. Do not forget to check these features.

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