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Best Smartwatch 2021: Top Picks for Every Budget

Best Smartwatch 2021: Top Picks for Every Budget

Smart wearables are here to stay! And it’s high time that you get one for yourself too! These wrist-worn phone companions look absolutely stylish and come packed with many interesting features that help you live a smarter and healthier life! But not all wearables are the same!

Not to forget the fine line between a smart watch and a fitness tracker! Hence, the first step in order to get a smart wearable that suits you perfectly is to know why do you need one?

Ask yourself – Are you looking for something that counts your steps, monitors your heart and tracks your sleep? Or do you need something that can keep you posted about the happenings around the world while you’re away from your phone? Or do you need a wearable that can do it all? Also, don’t forget to define a budget for your purchase as the smartwatch price should not burn a hole in your pocket!

Once, you are done with this exercise, have a look at the following list. All of these smart wearables will definitely add value to your life:

boAt Storm Smartwatch

It comes with a dazzling design, a vivid display, and a bunch of fitness features that help you track your progress across a wide range of activities, and stay motivated throughout the day!

Boat Strom

Its 1.3inch full touch display lets you take control and navigate through with ease! It doesn’t matter whether you are someone who likes to sweat it out on a treadmill in a gym or work out on your own, you can count on its active sports mode to steer you right and work smoothly.

Not only that, it also keeps a constant check on your heart by keeping a record of your heart rate and blood pressure levels and also monitors your sleep. Additionally, it can also check your blood oxygen levels.

This smartwatch for girls is also helpful in tracking their menstrual cycle! Apart from helping you to keep a check on physical health, it also comes with a feature for guided breathing that helps you unwind and reduce stress levels. What’s more? Stay connected to the world as it also sends vibration alerts for your alarms, texts, calls, social media notifications and reminders!

Noisefit Endure

Sturdy, sporty and stylish – this smartwatch for men is an instant catch!

Noisefit Endure

Its 1.28 inch round LCD TFT colour touch screen is very vibrant and has great visibility even outdoors. And if you ever get bored with the screen, you can choose from nearly 100 watchfaces and give your watch a makeover as per your mood!

When it comes to keeping a track of your health, this smartwatch comes with many features that help you achieve your fitness goals. It counts the steps you are taking and the calories you are burning! Its 9 sports modes will keep you going while the breathing mode will help you catch your breath!

It comes with an IP68 rating which makes it dust & water proof, so wear it anywhere that you want! However, it doesn’t support GPS. Also, say goodbye to reaching out to your phone for changing music or control camera as you can do it all with a single touch on the smartwatch!

Honor Band 5

Designed for all the fitness enthusiasts, this fitness tracker is really helpful for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle!

Honor Band 5

It comes with an advanced running planner for high-level fitness tracking and personalized recommendations comprehensively track and display data such as heart rate, workout time, distance, stride frequency, speed, calories,and aerobic/anaerobic results for a more in-depth workout plan.

However, what is most interesting about this tracker is that you can even take it for a swim! It is water-resistant for up to 50M3 and swim-proof. A six-axis sensor recognizes the four main swim strokes – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly – recording speed, distance, calories, and SWOLF4 score.Interesting, right?

Huami Amazfit Bip lite

Powered for the ones who like to live on the edge, this smartwatch for men gives you up to 45 days of non-stop usage!

Huami Amazfit - Best Smartwatch

The lightweight design and the transflective screen is ideal for wearing it everywhere! Corning gorilla glass and anti-finger print coating further adds to the convenience of using it!

It provides detailed sports tracking for outdoor running, walking, treadmill and cycling! Additionally, it also keeps a record of your steps taken and calories burnt throughout the day which again pushes you to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

As we know how it is not only physical activity that keeps us healthy, it also tracks your sleep patterns. It tells you about your total sleep, light sleep, deep sleep and awake time. However, you cannot use this app for camera control or talk directly through your smartwatch as it doesn’t support a mic!

Gionee watch 5

Available in 4 different and stylish colors, this smartwatch is a perfect buy for all those who don’t want to reach out for your phone for every other thing! Be it clicking selfies or customizing your music, you can do all of this with a few clicks on your smartwatch!

Gionee - Best Smartwatch 2021

It comes with a 24 hours heart monitor and also counts your steps, monitors your sleep and maintains a calories meter. Also, the fact that it is IP68 resistant, it performs well under all terrains and even in rain!

So, what are you waiting for? Just get any of these and pop up your earbuds to keep you motivated enough to keep on going with your fitness routine. In the end, we hope that you have made up your mind now and will make an informed decision!

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