“Ah, this party is so boring!”—Does this thought come to you too often while you are at a party? Well, it won’t anymore. A party is not a party without a good music (at least not as much fun as we want them to be!). How many times you had to end parties earlier because they got dull and tedious? It’s time to live all of them once again and have the fun you thought existed only in the movies! All you need is fun people, a cool place and loud music to mould the dull atmosphere into a fancy dream party.

Tired of changing the tunes but still your party isn’t fun? The problem is not in the tune, it’s in your device. You need a GOOD Bluetooth speaker which turn even a normal tune into an exciting one.

Why them?

  1. They consume less power and do not have any sort of adapters attached with them. “What a relief!” You can take them anywhere as you want!
  2. They are WIRELESS. This means you don’t have to waste your party in unravelling the wires because all a Bluetooth speaker will ever need you to do is to place it in a corner (and it would love it if you danced to its beat!).
  3. Being small in size and light in weight, you can take them along without another thought and have your mini concert anywhere, anytime!

A problem associated with almost every product is the one where you have to decide “which one to choose?” We have listed a guide for you to make it easier for you decide.



How big or small your Bluetooth speaker is going to be? This factor determines that. There’s no hard and fast rule to follow in this. Just buy the one which looks like a perfect companion to you. Not too big to become overpowering and not too small to get lost easily!


The size of the battery will be according to your device but that is not what should concern you. You must check its working hours and as a rule, a good Bluetooth speaker must last for 10 hours at least. You don’t want your speaker to stop working while you are still in the trance of the colorful party!


From the device’s appearance and your experience, you can tell if a Bluetooth speaker is strong enough. Plus make sure to check for features such as water resistant (so that it survives waves on the beach). The stronger it is, the better it can survive the falls.

Still haven’t reached a decision? That’s because the product is not in front of you but if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see why your parties were so boring up till now:

Because they were missing BOSE Bluetooth speaker which has been chosen after an extensive research on the BEST BLUETOOTH SPEAKER UNDER $50 for you.



We all want to make sure that we invest money in the right place and for you the perfect bank to invest in is this tiny Bluetooth speaker (although small in size, but loud in voice!). Put your phone aside because this speaker can connect you with Google assistant. All you need to do is to speak and let this speaker make sure your voice is heard. Want more tunes in the air around you? Pair more devices with your speaker!

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“I hate it when the sound from my speaker is garbled and cracked!”- So does everyone! This speaker plays a sound so clear that you can hear even the low-pitched beats in the music. Play the music at its loudest at the beach without the wind creating distortions in its sound!


It has a soft yet a strong and a hard structure to survive any kind of dents, scratches, cracks or falls. Plus it is waterproof so you can have your mini-party at the beach without any worries (a party a day keeps the sad faces away!).


This speaker loves adventures just as much as you do! You both would make amazing travelling partners because with its strap, you can hang it and set off to your journey. Moreover, you can dance to your favourite beat up to 6 hours without having to untangle the wires!

So have you already sent the invitations to your friends of your next party? Because trust us, it will be a blast with this speaker since “smaller the packet, bigger the blast” fits here too well. We can’t wait to see you have the best party of your life with our product!