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4G GPS Trackers: Benefits and Added Features [2024]

4G GPS Trackers: Benefits and Added Features [2024]


GPS trackers have been used as security devices for a long time now. Although it was previously designed to help military forces across the globe, it is now part of our daily lives in one way or another. From online food delivery systems to route navigation, GPS systems have been used in a wide variety of situations. Among these applications, GPS tracker has an important role in providing security. The added features of GPS trackers help to secure the assets always.

4G GPS Trackers

GPS trackers use the relative distance between different satellites to decide the exact location of the object. So where does the 4G network fit-in in the whole scenario of tracking?

4G networks help to increase the speed of data transfer between the tracker device and the servers governing those devices. Although there are 5G networks in some parts of the world, the 4G network is the prominent bandwidth in most of the country. And this network will be there at least for the next 10-15 years until 5G or the next big revolution in connectivity happens throughout every corner of the world. It is not the case for 2G or 3G.

Most countries have cancelled 2G connectivity and it is a prehistoric thing now. 3G however is there in some parts of the world for example Indonesia, China, Sri Lanka.

Advantages of 4G connectivity in GPS tracking

Although the GPS system uses satellites to pinpoint any object in transit or in a stable position, tracking in real-time needs fast network connectivity. That’s where the 4G connectivity becomes a vital part. Especially for a moving object, the live tracking solely depends upon the network connectivity.

Using 4G connectivity, the owner can track up to the accuracy of 5 seconds for a moving object. Compared to any other previous network connectivity, the 4G network uses less power than ever before. This is mainly because of the increased bandwidth and thereby using less power to transmit the signal. As always, the speed of transmission is much higher than the 3G/2G spectrum.

Because of this fast communication between the source and owner, the GPS tracker for car is enriched with much more functionalities such as Live Tracking, Instant alarm notification, and Geo fencing, etc.

Track everything in a faster way

Purchasing a 4G GPS Tracker is the best decision to protect your car. But what about the existing 2G/3G users.? It is high time that one should switch to the 4G network because the 2G/3G network services have rare coverage throughout most of the countries.

And considering the advantages in both functional and financial aspects, the 4G trackers are the best option to protect what’s important to us. The 4G trackers provide the best tracking experience both in live tracking mode and in instant alarms feature. The best part is, that all these features and fast-tracking experience are available in the same cost range of 2G/3G trackers.

Since the 4G network is faster than ever, the alarms and notifications are more accurate and have real-time tracking. This makes the tracker work more efficiently than ever and helps us to act fast in an emergency.

Mobile Apps for GPS Tracker

Mobile apps provide convenience for the owner to track the assets even from miles away. Although mobile apps don’t really have anything to do with 4G network coverage, it has something to do with the device model.

Most of the mobile devices are 4G supported. The internet speed in latest mobile phones is important because apps never really work well with slow connection. It is the same case for tablets and laptops.  Since mobile apps are the gateway to control the GPS tracker device, compatible network connectivity is required between the tracker devices and mobile apps.

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