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What is a LAN Adapter? Definition, Connectivity and More

What is a LAN Adapter? Definition, Connectivity and More

LAN Adapter Definition

LAN (local area network) Adapter is an extension board used to connect two or more computers when the Ethernet jack of a computer is not available. Most computers have USB ports on the front for easy access.

USB to LAN Adapter

A USB to LAN adapter can be used to transfer data between two computers if one (or both) has an inaccessible or bad Ethernet socket. Just plug the adapter into a USB port on the computer and insert a standard LAN cable into the adapter. You can extend this cable to the Ethernet jack of the second computer or another USB adapter.

Install drivers

When you first connect a USB to LAN adapter to your computer’s USB port, a box will appear asking if you want to install the drivers. Drivers are small programs that allow a device to communicate with your computer; You will have to install them for the adapter to work correctly.

Connect to the Internet

We can also use USB to LAN adapters to connect to the Internet from an external modem. Extend the LAN cable from your modem to the USB adapter connected to your computer. Install the device drivers, and you will be ready to access the Internet.

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Other Functions of LAN Adapter

The computer and the card must communicate with each other so that they can proceed to exchange information. In this way, the computer allocates part of its memory to cards that have DMA (Direct memory access).

The card interface indicates that another computer is requesting data from the computer. The computer bus transfers the data from the computer memory to the network card.

If the data moves too fast for the adapter to proceed with its processing, they are placed in the card buffer memory (RAM), where they are temporarily stored while the data is still being sent and received.

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