The complexities of the workplace are continually changing today, and organizations

need to respond rapidly to these changes. Considering multi-cultural and location

workforce with complex employment structures, it can be daunting for employers to

balance time, expense, and efficiency.

Attendance Machines

For any organization, installing an attendance machine is a necessity to maintain

employee records. Information gathered through this helps to decide whether a

company is on the right track and if its employees are helping in moving forward for

potential success.

Here are a few reasons why an attendance machine is crucial for employee



Human beings are susceptible to errors, even though we provide them with

computational tools for assistance. Automated attendance machines with computerized

data entry maintain correct time records and eliminate unavoidable and expensive

errors. It helps in providing accurate data on payroll and other management aspects.

Productivity / Efficiency

Manual control and supervision of attendance may be a time-consuming, challenging,

and costly affair. It takes time to process paper sheets and timecards, determine

schedules, approve leaves, overtime, and manually create payroll data.

An automated attendance machine does everything, from keeping track of employee

work hours to importing information into your payroll system automatically. The saved time

and effort combined with data accuracy helps maximize resource usage, which leads to

increased productivity and improves income.

Hassle-Free Workflow Management

An integrated attendance machine can provide excellent visibility of all data and

promote payroll, leaves, and performance assessment workflow. It sends automatic

notifications or alerts. Managers can accept requests for early departure or overtime

automatically without any specific need for communication. Forget about the herculean

manual scheduling job with a smart attendance machine. An integrated attendance

management system can help control schedules and easily keep track of shifts in only a

few clicks.

Real-time tracking

Advanced cloud-based attendance machines like KENT Cam Attendance allows real-

time monitoring and offers automated payroll processing inputs. Employers and

supervisors can check-in and out timings, mis-punches, hours worked, overtime/comp-

off, and daily/monthly attendance of all their employees.

Since it is managed via a secure cloud application, you can store up to 10,000

employee’s records and access it from anywhere, anytime. The data can be seamlessly

integrated with existing HRMS of the organization.

Safety of the Employees

With the hit of coronavirus, biometric attendance machines have been suspended since

they can be a potential source of virus carriers. However, with touchless devices such

as KENT CamAttendance, you can use AI-based Computer Vision to capture and

recognize the face of an employee for attendance. It helps in ensuring safety. This next-

generation touchless attendance machine also comes with a mask detection feature

that allows organizations to enforce the wearing of masks in office premises.

It is a robust attendance management system that helps make processes trouble-free

and offers a company with a fully integrated program.

Along with that, selecting a touchless attendance system is crucial given the pandemic

situation. This advanced attendance device can be installed in one building and across

different sites. All these devices can be monitored centrally from the cloud, and data

from all CamAttendance devices can also be transferred to the cloud in real-time. It

provides the best industry-standard data encryption. With a 5100 mAh internal battery,

this attendance machine comes with a 2 Megapixel front-facing camera, anti-theft, and

lockable wall mounting enclosure and can be optimized for 10,000 employees per


So, upgrade to a touchless high-quality attendance machine and you will see the

benefits of tracked time schedules.