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Find Out How Productive Your Employees Are With A Clock In And Out App

Find Out How Productive Your Employees Are With A Clock In And Out App

Find Out How Productive Your Employees Are With A Clock In And Out App

No matter what we do as business owners or operators, tracking employee time and attendance is more straightforward than tracking how much work they get done. If you’re still tracking employees manually, then you’re missing out on the features of a modern clock in and out app that can not only track your employee’s time and attendance but also has features that actively track productivity and in real-time to boot.

Track Hours and Attendance

While hours and attendance don’t directly correlate to being productive on the job, the amount of time employees spend at the job relates to how effective they are and how well they perform over that period. You can measure the number of tasks completed against the number of hours or overtime employees work to determine issues with their productivity.

A clock in and out app makes it much easier to figure out who has shown up for their shift and the number of hours they’ve worked, including overtime. The job clock tracks all employees in real-time and shows their work hours, including breaks, down to the minute. Managers can receive alerts if employees miss their shift or reach overtime, which can be a significant indicator of how productive an employee may or may not be on the job.

All the timesheet data is stored to be used as a reference for future projects or for measuring past productivity against current productivity numbers.

Manage Issues and Boost Profits

Besides tracking time and attendance, it’s essential to be able to identify issues quickly and find solutions for them. This is difficult to do when using a manual team time tracking method since all time and attendance is typically reliant on self-reporting, which is prone to errors and fraud. This makes it difficult to track what issues are present and what employees are causing them, much less how to find an equitable solution.

A clock in and out app helps managers track employees in real-time and more easily identify and isolate issues related to specific employees. For instance, an employee who is chronically late or absent can become a productivity issue for the business, particularly if they are in a critical position. Employees working large amounts of overtime is also a problem for the company because it inflates the labor budget dramatically. Unless they are productive during this time, it is likely wasted time and money.

By tracking these issues through the online timecard system and getting reports on employees when they miss shifts or log overtime hours, managers can catch the employee after only a couple of absences or a few hours of overtime and determine if there is a specific issue that needs to be fixed.

In some cases, adjusting schedules or staffing levels to address workloads and employee personal issues may be the best resolution. In other situations, it may be that an employee needs to be retrained or that they are deliberately causing problems and need to be punished or fired from their position.

Actively Track Productivity

In some cases, it is possible to actively track employee location and productivity using a time and attendance app. GPS technology allows you to monitor employee locations, and productivity trackers attached to company systems can show what employees are doing in the system when they are logged on.

For businesses that have workers that work on-site, this can be an effective means of tracking their work progress so that you can know what you’re spending and why. This allows you to fine-tune your assignments and improve your overall productivity in ways that manual timesheet management simply won’t allow.

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