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7 Key Benefits of Opting .NET for Web Development in 2024

7 Key Benefits of Opting .NET for Web Development in 2024

The .NET development tech stack is still a preferred choice for organizations when building their business applications. However, the internet surveys currently are providing .NET insights until 2023, which can create confusion about whether it can be used in 2024.

But you needn’t fret anymore, as this blog will provide all the reasons to choose .NET development services in 2024.

How .NET Development Services Can Help in 2024?

The following are the top 7 benefits that will make .NET a proper choice for app development in 2024.

#1: Scalability At its Peak

From the recent years till 2024, scalability is a major requirement, according to industry professionals. A scalable application leverages business to handle a large user base with ease and retain its resource availability.

.NET provides you the leverage of a scalable application architecture, that can handle as much users you want. In addition, it allows you to add new features and functionalities per your dynamic requirements. Also, if your organization is moving from small-scale to medium and is experiencing similar upgrades, .NET applications enable you to integrate new mechanisms in the same solution.

#2: Robust Built-In Security Features

Whether its data integrity, confidentiality or availability, .NET is capable of retaining it in every significant use case. All the technologies under the .NET tech stack, such as .NET Core, ASP.NET, and more, come with built-in security features.

You can configure the provided security mechanisms to authenticate and authorize a user. In addition, access control lists can also be implemented along with HTTPS enforcement for secure data transfers. And in case you want a custom security solution to work with, .NET also allows you to integrate it seamlessly.

#3: Exceptional Support

.NET applications avail of dual support. The first support is from Microsoft, and the second is from the community. Under Microsoft support, you can reach out to their support executives, and access documentation and tutorials available on the website.

Further, in case of community support, you need to join a Forum or group with .NET professionals. You can post your issue in the group, and others will help resolve it. However, if you have opted for .NET support and maintenance services from a .NET development company, it’s the most reliable alternative.

#4: Cost-Effective Development

The .NET app development is considered one of the most budget-friendly in the past decades, and it’s going to be affordable in 2024 as well. Due to the following reasons, all .NET development services, professionals, and tools are affordable.

  • The .NET is freely available, and you don’t need to pay any subscription or similar fee.
  • No additional infrastructure is required for .NET development.
  • .NET app can be deployed on the cloud, leveraging to pay per use.
  • Numerous outsourcing .NET development firms are available, helping to save money with their flexible engagement models.
  • You can hire .NET developers for as low as $24/hour.

#5: Supported by All Platforms

.NET applications are supported by all significant web browsers and operating systems. You can build and run your app on Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS-based devices. In addition, if you develop a web application, it can run on all desktop and mobile browsers, including but not limited to Chrome, Vivaldi, MS Edge, Firefox, and more.

However, there’s only one exception, i.e., a .NET framework-based application. If you choose the .NET framework, then the software is Windows-oriented only.

#6: Leverages With all Kinds of Development

.NET is pretty much an all-rounder development technology. You can utilize it for any kind of software building, regardless of its complexity and size. With .NET, you can create the following types of apps.

  • Desktop app
  • Mobile app
  • Web Application
  • eCommerce store
  • Cross-platform compatible software
  • Information systems
  • Hybrid applications and more

For detailed clarification, you should hire .NET developers or consult with a .NET development company.

#7: Multiple App Architecture Compatibility

The application architecture is a primary component that makes it high in performance, scalable, and robust in nature. You would be glad to know that .NET software is deployable on any of the significant architecture, which includes:

  • Microservices
  • Server-Client
  • Cloud
  • Isomorphic
  • Unified Modelling Language and more

Concluding Up

Opting for .NET in 2024 is assuredly a reliable choice for application development. It holds every significant feature required by an enterprise. .NET solutions can run on multiple platforms, and its development is also budget-friendly. Moreover, it supports building all kind of apps with any of the deployment architecture, from monolithic to microservices.

Thus, .NET passes every factor to be your development technology.

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