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5 Ideas To Help Market Your New Fashion Brand

5 Ideas To Help Market Your New Fashion Brand

5 Ideas To Help Market Your New Fashion Brand

While marketing is important in every industry, when it comes to fashion brands, having a successful marketing strategy is more than essential. Fashion marketing is designed to reach consumers and audience in the form of brand storytelling and visuals, whereas standard marketing doesn’t tend to be as detailed.

In order for your brand to be seen (and worn!), it’s vital that your product finds itself in front of the right audience, using marketing to do so.

Today, professional fashion consultancy, James Hillman, is looking at 5 ideas to help market your new fashion brand, from using social media to working with influencers.

Using Social Media

One of fashion’s biggest marketing trends is the use of social media. In 2018, fashion was one of Instagram’s top 3 most-used categories, behind only travel and entertainment.

In order for your fashion brand to stand out, it needs a strong presence on social media. However, not just any old social media posts will do.

It’s vital that your fashion brand’s social media pages reflect your brand values, and follow your overall creative direction. This is important as it not only builds on your brand image, but influences your potential consumers’ opinion on your brand from one glance.

If your fashion brand is designed to be worn by teenagers, there’s no point in your social media posts being directed at working adults.

Working With Influencers

You don’t have to work with social media alone. Working with fashion influencers on Instagram is a modern and effective way for fashion brands to market themselves, often in the most natural-looking way possible.

Influencer marketing can be beneficial in four key ways :

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate more organic website traffic by bringing fashion fans to your homepage
  • Increase revenue
  • Build relationships with fashion influencers to help your fashion brand grow in the future

To make the most of fashion influencer marketing, focus on creating great content and approaching the right influencers in the first place.

Don’t work with fashion influencers who don’t align with your brand’s values and vision; it’ll only be a waste of time and money, as well as bad publicity for your brand.

Have a clear fashion influencer marketing strategy in place before you begin, as well as a digital fashion brand marketing plan . This will help you to reach the right fashion consumers, while increasing your fashion brand’s success.

Video Content

As far as fashion trends go, video content is one which isn’t going anywhere. According to fashion industry professionals, video content has become more important than ever.

Video is one of the best ways for fashion brands to engage with their audience, as well as show clothing items in action to increase the chance of sales. Sharing fashion videos also allows fashion brands to connect with their customers on an emotional level.

And it’s not only fashion consumers who are watching branded fashion videos – fashion influencers are consuming fashion videos too.

Creating fashion videos can help fashion brands to market themselves in a number of ways, including:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Helping fashion influencers learn about your fashion brand
  • Using fashion video content to support your fashion campaigns and inform fashion consumers
  • Working with fashion influencers to produce fashion videos is an effective way to market fashion brands.

Fashion Marketing Campaigns

Fashion marketing campaigns are another great fashion marketing idea. Marketing campaigns allow fashion brands to create interesting and engaging visuals and stories, while helping fashion consumers connect with their message. Fashion campaigns often come in the form of TV adverts and online advertising, however for new brands with smaller budgets, it can be done on social media for a much smaller fee.

This can be done alongside fashion influencers, while larger fashion brands often work with celebrities and models.

In order for a fashion campaign to be successful, fashion brands have to show their fashion products in the best possible light.

A great example of a fashion campaign is Nike’s 2015 campaign titled: ‘Better For It’. This depicted women’s inner thoughts while they were participating in sporting activities, highlighting the connection between sports and self-esteem. It shows how what we all wear has an impact on our self-esteem, and why it’s important to choose well when it comes to what we wear.

Professional Photography

Professional fashion photography is another great way to successfully market any fashion brand. It shows customers the clothes in their best light, as well as allows you to show off the professionalism of your brand and connect with customers on an emotional level.

In order to create fashion images with a fashion photographer, follow these fashion marketing tips:

  • Set the scene with clothing and fashion products – Make sure your backdrop and set relates to the theme of the clothing and your overall brand image
  • Ask the photographer to take multiple images of each product and garment, allowing you to choose from many at the end, and save them for posting across a set amount of time on social media
  • Choose the location carefully as this can have a big impact on how fashion photographs turn out
  • Make sure that there is good lighting in order for the fashion image to be clear and well lit

A fashion photographer will guide you so don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

Fashion marketing is a great way to increase fashion brand success. By using videos, marketing campaigns and professional photography, fashion brands can create interesting marketing strategies which connect with fashion consumers on a deeper level.

Besides marketing, there are many other business growth strategies to help you grow and develop your fashion brand. However, it’s important to remember just how important marketing is for fashion brands, especially in 2022.

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