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What is WoW(World of Warcraft)? – Make Your First Character

What is WoW(World of Warcraft)? – Make Your First Character

WoW(World of Warcraft)

WOW (World of Warcraft) is an iconic, groundbreaking MMO that continues to dominate many dusks and weekends after 15 years of its release.

The other MMOs tend to excel at just a few things, World of Warcraft is a jack of all trades, with ultra-difficult raids, quests that are varied and fun, and significant, experimental expansions that take bold risks.

But after years of add-ons and so much history to catch up on, getting into World of Warcraft in 2023 is a little scary—even if you played years ago.

There’s a lot to be aware of as you hurdle into playing in WoW Classic Gold, but not everything has undertaken right away.

Take your time and relish the procedure. Unlike other games, WoW isn’t just about the endpoint.

It’s a relaxation that, if you enjoy it, you may well end up returning to for hundreds of hours over the years. So don’t rush.

What about WoW Classic Gold?

wow classic gold

Before we get to the core of this guide, it’s imperative to talk about WoW Classic Gold, which outdoes World of Warcraft as it was back in 2006 before any of its extension packs.

Though the two versions share nearly similarities, Wow Classic Gold is a more dedicated, slower, and more epic version of WoW.

It automatically includes your subscription fee, so you won’t have to pay anything additional to try it out if you’re new.

We highly endorse that new players give both versions a chance of the game since each has its assets.

  • WoW is more reachable to get into, but WoW Classic Gold feels more like a grand, nostalgic adventure.
  • The good news is, for the most part, the advice in this guide will apply to both versions of the game.
  • One of the main differences to consider with WoW Classic Gold is that the servers structured differently.
  • In Classic Gold, there are PVP and PVE servers, and once you start a character on them, they’ll be stuck unless you pay for a character transfer.
  • Sensibly consider whether you want to get tangled in open-world PVP beforehand playing on a PVP server.
  • It means you’ll often get attacked, which can be annoying when you want a soothing evening of questing.
  • On the other hand, that additional element of danger makes the world more fun and offers more opportunities for social interaction with other players.

Buy Wow Classic Gold

Buy WoW Classic Gold – Everyone knows the problem. You see something in the auction house, and unfortunately, you don’t have the gold to buy the mount or the item.

Farming is more of agony than fun for many, so game looting offers you the right alternative to quickly get the World of Warcraft gold you need.

No matter what, whether for mounts, the WoW Classic Gold brand, items, or even the daily expenses. Gamelooting is precisely the right partner when it comes to gold.

Particular attention has paid to the speed and immediate availability. We do not make empty promises but try to improve the process and make it even faster continuously.

Make your first character

  1. WoW also has some very prevalent roleplay servers where players expect to speak and behave as their character would.
  2. It’s a unique experience, as you’ll treat World of Warcraft more like a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.
  3. If you’re artistic and like the idea of taking your involvement in the world to the next level, RP servers are the best deal of fun.
  4. It’s a bit harsh that all of World of Warcraft’s hardest decisions are the first ones you’ll have to make.
  5. Before you can do no matter what, you’ll need to choose a server, character race, and class to play.
  6. With servers, select one that has a medium or high population throughout the times when you’ll generally be playing each day.
  7. Avoid the “New Player” servers and those with “Maximum” people. You want a server with a healthy, reputable population, but you don’t want to be stuck in a queue just trying to log in.
  8. If you’re playing with any friends, make a character on whatever server they’re on or be sure to all agree on a server in advance.

What are the Breakdowns?

Here’s a quick breakdown of each class:

  • Shamans are masters of the basics, calling down lightning and fire upon their enemies. They can reach DPS, melee DPS, and healers.
  • Warlocks shadow magics and channel fire as a clean extended DPS class. They can also bid demons to fight for them.
  • Priests have two different healing specs, or they can tap into the powers of shadow to deal impressive damage as a ranged DPS class.
  • Monks are unmatching pugilists who call upon the Mists to aid them in battle as healers, melee DPS, and tanks.
  • Rogues are purebred melee DPS with an ability for trickery, stealth, and insane bursts of damage.
  • Druids shapeshift into changed animal forms and are the entire, versatile class with four separate specs: melee DPS ranged DPS, tanks, and healers.
  • Hunters can be a melee DPS or ranged DPS, and they can also tame wild animals to fight alongside them.
  • Demon Hunters are extremely mobile melee experts that conduit demonic energy to power their attacks. They can also melee DPS or tanks.
  • Paladins are wielders of blessed magic that they channel in melee combat and can be either a tank, healer, or DPS.
  • Death Knights have freed retainers of the Lich King and wield powerful rune blades as either melee DPS or tanks.
  • Warriors are a fierce melee class that has one tank spec and two DPS specs. Choose them if you like charging headfirst into combat.
  • Mages are dominant spell slingers that use fire, frost, or arcane energy to attack enemies as ranged DPS.

Will add-ons make your life a lot easier?

One of the best things about WoW Classic gold is how its user interface is customizable.

Using add-ons, you can adapt it to your fondness or add useful functions like interactive boss controllers for dungeons.

It can be a threatening process, though, as there are a lot to choose from add-ons.

Take your time

  • If you shadow the above steps, you’ll have all you need to get started in World of Warcraft.
  • Fortunately, it’s not all that difficult, and you can safely jump in and figure things out as you go without making some irreversible mistakes.
  • Take your time and enjoy the world. Some zones have not aged all that well, but WoW Classic Gold is the most expansive MMO out there.
  • It’s not a world that you can skillfully in just a week, so prepare yourself for a journey that you’ll slowly advance through over months and, quite possibly, years.


“World of Warcraft” (WoW) is a popular hugely multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In the “Make Your First Character” phase, players begin their WoW journey by creating and customizing their in-game avatar, known as a character. This process involves choosing a race, class, appearance, and background for their character.

In the mini conclusion of this stage, players have taken their first step into the expansive and immersive world of Azeroth, where they will embark on adventures, quests, and battles. The character creation process sets the stage for the epic journey, allowing players to shape their virtual identity and engage with the vast and dynamic WoW universe.

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