Will SEO Still Exist in The Future?

The term ‘digital marketing’ and ‘Search Engine Optimization’ are no longer what they used to be a decade ago. However, things have changed dramatically over the years!

SEO is no longer a trick or hack which would make your websites relevant as it would do back in the past decade. Thanks to modern technology and tools like Google PageRank, Panda updates, and Penguin, SEO is no longer just a matter of luck and is a task for professionals like Red Search SEO agency in Australia.

With that said, many marketers and professionals are still worried about the possible future of SEO. You’ll often come around questions like ‘Will SEO exist after 5 years? Is SEO dead?. Well, let’s find it out in this blog!

Is SEO Dead?

That answer comes with a big ‘NO’! While automation and different tools have come into the picture, SEO was and continues to be one of the most actively participated efforts.

Looking at the rates in which businesses are developing their online presence, it won’t be wrong to say that SEO is going to last for decades from now. However, with more people signing up for search engine ads and putting money into marketing, SEO is going to flourish in the years to come.

SEO Isn’t About The ‘Old Tricks’ Anymore!

Yes, things are no longer how they used to be. Experts at Red Search SEO agency in Australia suggest that the decade old blue hat tricks won’t be effective anymore. The latest updates by Google demand users to come up with relevant engaging content to provide the maximum value to visitors.

The secret to cracking the SEO code for the future is to keep content ‘relevant’ and ‘engaging’. Further, it’s not only about the efforts put into SEO as Google has also started giving weightage to other areas of work like websites, and social media platforms, among others.

The Future Of SEO

Talking of the future of SEO, it won’t only be limited to link building exercises in the future. While many experts will suggest to you that link building is the best way to establish authority in Google’s SERP, the future won’t be the same!

The efforts of link building, when paired with a website’s ability to discover visual content like videos and images, among other forms of content.

If we look at it, content like videos and images that can draw attention and engagement might be the next big thing in SEO effort. So, for creators and professionals who look forward to improving their SEO efforts for the future, we suggest optimizing visual content by adding Meta descriptions, tags, title tags, and video length.

The Future Is Shifting Towards Smaller Screen

Yes, while the previous decade witnessed the domination of computer screens, the future of SEO will see a significant focus on mobile devices. Given the complexities around SEO opportunities, preparing for the future of SEO requires you to understand the updates around updated algorithms, keyword density, and updated website structure concepts.

However, if you ever need professional help, feel free to reach out to experts like Red Search SEO agency in Australia.