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5 Tips on How to Effectively Control a WhatsApp Group

In the lifetime of yours, you must have created a WhatsApp Group for sure or you might have been the part of one, if not, please check out these WhatsApp group links and start joining the suitable groups for you.

But at times these WhatsApp Groups become the pain to deal with. As people start sharing and doing everything else for what the group was first created. For example, this has been observed a lot that people create groups of their friends for a reunion or to share some news and after few days that group becomes the platform to share “good morning” or “send this to 10 people” messages.

And such messages are not enjoyed by everyone and they take up unnecessary space in your phone device. Apart from that such messages make the one, who is not sharing anything like this, feel guilty of not being an active participant of the group. So, the biggest question comes out as to how to manage these groups effectively.? There are many ways to do so, let’s see what the 5 best and effective ways are to handle manage a WhatsApp Group like a pro: –

#1. Set the Rule

Once you decide to form the group, always make sure that you add almost everyone at once never do that add two or three people one time and then others. As it will save your time in adding people and you don’t have to tell about the rules of the group again and again. And once you add up everyone than the first thing is to do is make the rule and send them to the group.

Like, no personal message should be sent on the group, no forwarded message should be sent on the group as this creates unnecessary problems for other members of the group. And most importantly if someone must ask something with a member of the group then they should message them personally.

#2. Name of the Group

Always remember that you should give the proper name to the group as this allows the members of the group to differentiate it from other groups as well as it allows them to know what that group is about and what people most probably will be there and if they want to be part of that group or not. And also, a name gives the group individuality of its own.

#3. Custom Notification

If you are the admin of the group and want to keep the track of the activities going on the group than make sure that the notification of that group should always be on and the “tone” for that should be always different from the other notifications. As this allows you to know when you are getting the message on that group. And that way you can keep the track of the group easily and it also allows you to know when the right is to talk to the people of the group.

#4. Incoming Media

If you have a group where you are the part of providing information about some events or meetings, etc. or you have a group to sell out something or any community group where the information is shared on regular basis. And if you need to save the incoming media as they provide information than you should always keep the media saving mode on as this allows your phone to save those media, and you can further go through them. And use them in the future for sharing the information etc.

#5. Use Reply Button

Always make sure to use and make your members of the group aware of the “reply button” feature on the WhatsApp. This feature allows you to chat with the desired member of the group personally. With this, you don’t disturb the group of the members and it becomes easy to know for others to what message one has replied to and they don’t have to go through the whole series of chat. And most importantly reply button notify the person directly even if they have muted the notification of the group.

These are some simple steps to make you a pro in handling the group on WhatsApp and allows you to improve the experience of the group.

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