What You Should Know About Car Accident Lawyers

If you were involved in a car accident, you might be uncertain if you need to work with an attorney. If the accident was minor, resulting in minimal injuries and negligible vehicle damage, you can handle the insurance claims by yourself. However, if you suffered catastrophic injuries from the accident caused by a third party or hidden dangers in the vehicle, you have a lot at stake, including loss of income, medical bills, and much more.

You can greatly benefit from hiring a car accident attorney in such situations, especially where there is an unclear liability. You can click here to find out more: www.vazirilaw.com/los-angeles-car-accident/. Like most legal processes, most people don’t know how to engage and proceed with attorneys. If you are on this fold, below are some things to know about car accident lawyers.

Why should you hire a car accident attorney?

Car accidents happen across the country due to many causes. While you may be safe as a driver, you cannot control the behavior of other road users. However, most car accidents that proceed to court are major accidents that result in serious injuries. Most small fender accidents are settled without involving the court or insurance companies. Depending on the nature of the accident you are involved in, you might need to hire a car accident attorney.

Even if the case doesn’t proceed to court and the insurance company is willing to settle the case, hiring an experienced attorney on your side can ease this process. They will take you through the engaging paperwork and provide legal advice. If you need compensation, be it accruing medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, or lost work time due to injuries, they can help you make accurate valuations as well.

What should you look for in a car accident lawyer?

As mentioned, car accidents are caused by different issues, meaning no two cases are similar. Just like finding a worker’s compensation lawyer, you should consider several factors before settling on a car accident attorney. You may pursue a claim seeking compensation for damages, recover medical expenses, wrongful death, or any other reason.

Note that accident lawyers focus on various aspects of the case. For instance, while some excel in litigating wrongful death claims, others can help recover damages resulting from personal injuries. Consider the attorney’s skill level, experience and specialization, location, and many other factors.

Good accident lawyers have a proven track record of recovering claims successfully. You should also look at the attorney’s charges. This is important as some lawyers charge fees whether they recover the damages or not. Opt for lawyers who don’t charge until they recover the damages. This provides assurance that they will fight hard and commit to your case. Apart from these considerations, use this checklist to find an accident lawyer near you.

How much do car accident lawyers charge?

As mentioned above, experienced and confident car accident lawyers should not charge you anything from the pocket. They should guarantee successful litigation by charging you only if they resolve the case successfully.

While different law firms have different pricing guidelines, Tiemann Law Firm car accident lawyers won’t charge you before successfully resolving your claims. If the claims are made successfully, the firm will charge some percentage from your settlement payouts.

What will your car accident lawyer do?

While it depends on the nature and complexity of your case, most car accident lawyers do the following;

●      Engage the other party’s insurance company

Regardless of the nature of your car accident case, your attorney begins by establishing some communication with an insurance adjuster representing the other parties involved.

●      Obtain evidence of liability

All cases that result in personal injuries, including medical malpractice suits, should have evidence that proves the liability of the claim. While you might have taken photographs from the scene, your attorney should visit and evaluate the scene. The lawyer should also collect all police reports, and speak with witnesses and police officers. The attorney should leave no stone unturned when seeking evidence of liability.

●      Obtaining evidence of damage

Car accident lawyers would be of much essence here, especially if you suffered severe injuries. They should collect and document crucial information about your injuries, even if it means visiting the hospital for bills and treatment records. Even though medical records are personal details, you should provide them unrestricted access for better chances of winning the case. They should prove that your physical injuries, physical limitations, and disabilities result from the accident.

●      Negotiate with insurance company or defendants

Negotiation is an important skill that car accident attorneys, and lawyers in general, should have. Your lawyer should know the intrigues of settling a car accident claim better than a common person. They should accurately estimate the worth of your claim and negotiate with the defendant’s insurer for a satisfactory outcome.

What is your estimated car accident case worth?

As mentioned, car accident cases vary, and there is no straightforward formula used to determine how much your car accident case is worth. The value of your claim highly depends on the level of the defendant’s negligence, along with the extent and nature of your injuries. However, some factors determine the amount of damages you can claim. They include:

  • The extent of vehicle damage – Insurance adjusters will evaluate the extent of vehicle damage. Your claims should include reimbursement for repairs or replacement of the vehicle. They also champion for compensation from GAP insurance if your car has comprehensive insurance.
  • Medical expenses – Your claims should include any medical costs incurred following the accident.
  • Lost income – Personal injuries may lead to lost income during the recovery period or loss of earning capacity. This is common for victims who suffer catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, or amputation.
  • Pain and suffering – These are non-economic losses that can hardly be quantified. They include compensation for physical pain, emotional suffering, and discomfort caused by the accident.

Experienced car accident lawyers can help document these losses and determine the value of your claim. You also shouldn’t sign any legal documents or get into an agreement without consulting a lawyer.


Working with car accident attorneys takes away the heavy task if you or your loved one was involved in a car accident. Tiemann law firm offers free consultations for those affected.