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What symbols can you find within Wild West-themed Slots?

What symbols can you find within Wild West-themed Slots?

There are a variety of different slot game themes that you can find – whether you’re playing online or at a land-based casino venue.

One, in particular, is The Wild West, where you’ll find a variety of symbols that resemble the era of saloons and dusty trails.

With symbols resembling the Old West in games, including when you play Silver Bullet Bandit, let’s have a look at what you may find along the reels…

Some of the most well-known elements of The Wild West are cowboy and cowgirl hats – an essential part of the attire, so you’ll frequently see these along the reels.

They may come in various colours, with some of the most common ones being brown, but you’ll be sure to recognise them if they appear on the reels.

As some of the most iconic elements of this time, see if you can see them in symbol form when you next spin the reels.

  • Boots

Another essential element of clothing when it comes to the Wild West period is the boots.

They’re often long and brown with a slight heel, differing in style from game to game – which will be your favourite boot symbols that you see along the reels?

  • Horseshoes

Horses were extremely popular as a form of transport in The Wild West, so you may even see them in symbol form along the reels.

Or, you might find horseshoes, which can often act as wild symbols and substitute for standard symbols for potential matching combinations.

  • Wanted posters

If you’ve ever watched an old western movie, you’ll see various outlaws, which in turn means wanted posters around.

By seeing these symbols along the reels, you could access free spins, multipliers, or even a mini-game – what will happen when you spin the reels?

  • Desert landscapes

The Wild West was full of desert landscapes, so these could serve as the backdrop for a variety of these themed games.

However, they could also crop up as symbols showcasing dusty trails, rocky terrains, and desert landscapes.

To level up the experience, you could hear wind and bales of hay rolling around, paired with the representation of the landscape you may see.

  • Saloon doors

Synonymous with Wild West establishments, you’ll likely see saloon doors make an appearance as a symbol along the reels.

Landing these symbols adds another extra to what you may see within the typical old Western time, with the sounds of them opening and closing setting the game tone.

  • Cacti

Of course, within the desert, you’ll often see cacti living here and the same goes for the games you may find.

With various themed Slots, you may see cacti within the desert ground, again adding an added element to the landscape.

  • Trains

Symbols depicting both trains and railroad tracks are often seen in slot games to represent the expansion of the railroad during the Wild West era.

You could even hear the sounds of trains chugging to add to the experience of your chosen Wild West-themed slot game.

With a variety of symbols you may find within Wild West-themed games, will you be trying one of these themed games anytime soon?

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