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What Kind of Software is good for public transportation planning and scheduling?

What Kind of Software is good for public transportation planning and scheduling?

What Kind of Software is good for public transportation planning

Before we identify which software is good for public transportation and scheduling, we need to understand why we use public transportation software.

With exceptional planning and scheduling softwares like Qryde  in the market, we are able to increase end to end customer satisfaction, optimise operations in real time, and streamline the business with consistency and transparency.

As of now, based on the features and user friendliness, Qryde is the best public transport planning and scheduling software.

Why, you may ask?

Well, for starters, Automated Route Planning.

Automated Route Planning is a feature that enables you to plan routes based on the data acquired from mobile points on the routes using AI. Driver location, distance, time taken, fuel efficiency are some of the factors that can be taken into consideration in the planning and scheduling activities of the day. Automated Route Planning will reduce the manual effort drastically which is needed for daily decision making and help streamline your operations.

AI powered route planning also helps us to plan dynamic routes while considering real life constraints, driver preference and customer level priority.

Another feature of Qryde planning and Scheduling tool is that you can cluster your prepanned, scheduled orders along with the on demand orders that come along the way. This way, you efficiently track and attend to the orders systematically in a smooth manner.

Optimise Operations with ease with Qryde:

Qryde helps you analyse the planned and executed routes to understand how efficient they are in providing the transportation service.

With Qryde software, one can always track your fleet of vehicles in real time to understand if they are taking up too much time, this way you can cut costs and fill several holes in operations.

Real time data provided by Qryde from mobile data points acts as an invaluable resource to identify actionable and meaningful insights.

Qryde promises Enhanced Customer Experience:

Qryde will assist you in improving your customer experience by helping you identify the areas you need to improve. Qryde transportational software will also allow you to maintain a certain gold standard of service by providing you with enough information about the customers convenience and our scheduling time tables.

Lastly, drive 360 degree customer communication, real time alerts, ETA, and payment integrations. Imagine if you were availing public transportation and your vehicle is delayed by 1 minute and you are provided the same information, wouldn’t you be happy? Also, qryde allows the rider to monitor the real exact location of their vehicle so that they know when to approach the pick up point.

Apart from these features, Qryde public transportation software dashboard allows you to plan your dispatch process automatically and keep in track of operations with predictive alerts.

Qryde’s route planning and operations database allows you to cluster your orders and ensure you have opted for the ideal plan every single day.

Few other features which makes Qryde the best public transportation software are:

  • Live Tracking: Track your orders in real time using Qryde dashboard.
  • Overall Operations View: Get an overview of your operations on your dashboard for tweaking the plan based on vehicle, demographic and time.
  • Logistic Reports: Build your own reports and analyse parameters you need to make key decisions.
  • Locate addresses easily using Geocoding abilities.

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