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What Is PPC And Is It Worth Investing In As A Small Business Owner?

What Is PPC And Is It Worth Investing In As A Small Business Owner?

If you are relatively new to business and you are in the process of scaling yours, you are more than likely feeling a little overwhelmed with the many different digital marketing methods available to you.

Where do you even begin?

For example, what is PPC and is it worth investing in as a small business owner? Read on and let’s find out.

What is PPC?

PPC (or pay-per-click advertising) is a mode of digital advertising where the advertiser (you) pays a small fee every time a user clicks on your ad and ends up on your website.

You will likely be familiar with these already as you encounter them every time you do a simple Google search, with several “sponsored” ads in boxes at the very top of the SERP (search engine results page).

Is PPC worth investing in as a small business owner? What are the benefits?

The short answer is yes: PPC is definitely worth investing in. But why? And what are the benefits?

  • Quick entry to advertising: PPC allows you to (more or less) enter the advertising arena very quickly. Yes, you should put the time and research in, but otherwise it is widely accessible. If you are working on your SEO in the background (which can take a fair amount of time to establish), PPC can help you attract fast traffic in the mean-time.
  • Your results are easy to track: there are many tracking tools and software you can use to measure your progress and track the key metrics. With this ‘big picture’ view you can easily identify what is performing well and what could use some refinement.
  • It complements many other marketing strategies (especially SEO): again, PPC can be used while you ramp up your SEO. Similarly, with content marketing, whenever you publish a new piece of high-value content, you can drive instant traffic to it using PPC, thus increasing your brand exposure.
  • You’ll collect a tonne of useful data: you’ll be amazed by the targeting options you have with PPC and this is largely attributable to the immense data you can collect. From specific keywords and text ads to remarketing based on past behaviour or targeting a very niche audience, PPC provides the ultimate level of flexibility and control when crafting your ads.
  • Spend as little or as much as you like: you are in full control of your budget with PPC so if you wish to spend a very minimal amount while you split-test, you can do so. PPC is very attractive to small businesses who have a limited marketing budget as it allows them to start pushing their products and services further, without making too big of a commitment, financially or otherwise.

 Should you hire professionals?

We’ve briefly touched on some of the benefits to doing PPC as a small business owner but we haven’t really highlighted quite how much work is involved.

In order to master data collection, tracking, and how to put that information into practice, you need a considerable amount of time to invest. As a business owner, given how many responsibilities you already have, it might be worth outsourcing your PPC and other marketing needs to a professional agency – just as you’d hire someone to build your Shopify website for the best results.

For example, this PPC agency in Singapore can also help you with your SEO and social media marketing requirements. As a small business owner, finding the right balance when expanding your online awareness is critical – especially in the early stages of your development.

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